Hou or HOU may be

  • -hou, a Norman suffix for "small island"
  • , an album by Maximum the Hormone
  • Houston, Texas
  • William P. Hobby Airport's IATA code
  • Hou (侯), a rank of Chinese nobility and a Chinese surname
  • Hou (title) (后), title in ancient China equivalent to King/Queen or Emperor/Empress
  • Hou (currency) (Chinese: 毫), also known as Jiao (Chinese: 角), a unit of currency in Greater China
  • Hou, a town in Aalborg Municipality, Denmark
  • Hou, a town in Odder Municipality, Denmark

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... is the governor of Kei Province in Hou ... He leads the rebellion against Chuutatsu, the king of Hou, and willingly commits regicide, believing that the sin of killing the king and the kirin are better than ... faults and coldly sends her to the kingdom of Kyou to prevent further chaos in Hou ...
... It was described by Linhai Hou in 1996 and 1997 ... Hou et al ... described the metatarsals as fused only distally, but Zhou and Hou (2002) revised this analysis, finding that the metatarsus was fused distally and proximally, but not along most of ...
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... At the age of twelve, she ran away from home to go on a pilgrimage and climb Mount Hou in order to be selected as the next ruler of Kyou ... Shoukei, after her identity as the former princess of Hou is discovered by local townspeople and she is nearly executed, is sent away to Kyou, and reluctantly agrees to serve Shushou ... was a fool who did nothing but play while Hou suffered and lacked the discernment to see her father's wrongs, and only allowed her to be brought to Kyou in order to ...
... Hou Lianhai and Hou Jinfeng, the illustrator at IVPP ... Hou states that the beak resembles that of the extant Genus Motacilla, the Wagtails ...