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Pathogenomics - Host Microbe Analysis
... A microbe may be influenced by hosts to either adapt to their new environment or learn to evade it ... The most detailed outline of host-microbe interaction initiatives is outlined by the Pathogenomics European Research Agenda ... Its report emphasises the following features Microarray analysis of host and microbe gene expression during infection ...
HHV Latency Associated Transcript
... (HHV LAT) is a length of RNA which accumulates in cells hosting long-term, or latent, Human Herpes Virus (HHV) infections ... genome and interferes with the normal activities of the infected host cell ... during which a reservoir virus population survives in host nerve cells for long periods of time ...
Plasmodium Falciparum Biology - Erythrocytic Stage - Egress From The Erythrocyte
... Deletion mutations of this gene result in cell arrest in the late schizont stages ... The mechanics of release from the host membrane are partly known ... A distortion of the usual arrengement of the lipids and proteins of the host cell membrane occurs around the pore ...
Host-Cell Reactivation
... The Host-Cell Reactivation Assay or HCR is a technique used to measure the repair capacity of cell of a particular DNA alteration ... The host cell is transfected with a damaged plasmid containing a reporter gene, usually luciferase, which has been deactivated due to the damage ... The ability of the cell to repair the damage in the plasmid after it is introduced to the cell allows the reporter gene to be reactivated leading it to produce its reporting product ...
Type Three Secretion System - Unresolved Issues
... Unnecessary secretion, when no host cell is in vicinity, is wasteful for the bacterium in terms of energy and resources ... The bacterium is somehow able to recognize contact of the needle with the host cell ... a delicate conformational change in the structure of the needle upon contact with the host cell this change perhaps serves as a signal for the base to commence secretion ...

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    Women have no wilderness in them,
    They are provident instead,
    Content in the tight hot cell of their hearts
    To eat dusty bread.
    Louise Bogan (1897–1970)

    The rule for hospitality and Irish “help,” is, to have the same dinner every day throughout the year. At last, Mrs. O’Shaughnessy learns to cook it to a nicety, the host learns to carve it, and the guests are well served.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)