Honda VF and VFR

Honda VF And VFR

The Honda VF and VFR series (VF meaning Vee-Four, and VFR meaning Vee-Four Road) is a line of production motorcycles made by Honda featuring V4 engines. The VFR was used as Honda's homologation racing platform in the 1980s, however the introduction of lighter inline-four powered competitors in the 1990s prompted Honda to transition the VFR into a mid-sized sport touring bike, a category which the VFR became the de facto benchmark.

The VFR is often used by Honda as a showcase for technological innovation. The VFR800 was the first to utilize Honda's VTEC system, as well as the first Honda motorcycle to feature ABS and a linked braking system. The subsequent VFR1200 became the first motorcycle to feature a Dual-clutch transmission.

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