Hoagy Carmichael - Songs (selection)

Songs (selection)

Year Song Lyrics by
1924 "Riverboat Shuffle" Carmichael, Dick Voynow, Irving Mills, Mitchell Parish
1925 "Washboard Blues" Carmichael, Fred B. Callahan, Irving Mills
1928 "Stardust" Mitchell Parish
1929 "Rockin' Chair" Carmichael
1930 "Georgia on My Mind" Stuart Gorrell
1931 "Come Easy Go Easy Love" Sunny Clapp
1931 "(Up a) Lazy River" Carmichael and Sidney Arodin
1932 "New Orleans" Carmichael
1932 "In the Still of the Night" Jo Trent
1933 "Lazybones" Carmichael and Johnny Mercer
1933 "One Morning in May" Mitchell Parish
1936 "Little Old Lady" Carmichael and Stanley Adams
1936 "Lyin' to Myself" Stanley Adams
1936 "Moonburn" Edward Heyman
1937 "The Nearness of You" Ned Washington
1938 "Heart and Soul" Frank Loesser
1938 "Small Fry" Frank Loesser
1938 "Two Sleepy People" Frank Loesser
1938 "I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes)" Jane Brown Thompson
1939 "Hong Kong Blues" Carmichael
1940 "Can't get Indiana Off My Mind" Robert DeLeon
1940 "I Walk With Music" Johnny Mercer
1940 "Way Back in 1939 A.D." Johnny Mercer
1941 "Skylark" Johnny Mercer
1942 "Baltimore Oriole" Paul Francis Webster
1942 "The Lamplighter's Serenade" Paul Francis Webster
1943 "Old Music Master" Johnny Mercer
1945 "Billy-a-Dick" Paul Francis Webster
1945 "Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief" Paul Francis Webster
1945 "Memphis in June" Paul Francis Webster
1946 "Ole Buttermilk Sky" Carmichael and Jack Brooks
1951 "In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening" Johnny Mercer
1951 "My Resistance Is Low" Harold Adamson
1952 "Watermelon Weather" Paul Francis Webster
1953 "Ain't There Anyone Here for Love?" Harold Adamson
1953 "When Love Goes Wrong (Nothin' Goes Right)" Harold Adamson

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