Hitchens is a surname of early medieval English origin and it may refer to:

  • Bob Hitchens, American college football player
  • Christopher Hitchens (1949–2011), British-American author, journalist and broadcaster, brother of Peter Hitchens
  • Dolores Hitchens, American mystery novelist
  • Gerry Hitchens, English footballer
  • Grace Hitchens, character in Glee
  • Ivon Hitchens, English painter
  • Peter Hitchens (born 1951), British author, journalist and broadcaster, brother of Christopher Hitchens
  • Robert Hichens (disambiguation), various people
  • Tim Hitchens, British diplomat

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Richard Seymour (writer) - Published Works
2008 "The Genocidal Imagination of Christopher Hitchens", in Christopher Hitchens and His Critics Terror, Iraq and the Left. 2012 Unhitched The Trial of Christopher Hitchens ...
The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings For The Non-Believer - Overview
... Well known for his own atheist book God Is Not Great, Hitchens treads some very heavily-traveled ground here in editing a compendium of atheist writings ... For Hitchens, arguments for atheism can be divided into two main categories those that dispute the existence of god and those that demonstrate the ill effects of religion ... "An agnostic does not believe in god, or disbelieve in him", writes Hitchens ...
Letters To A Young Contrarian - Reception
... In The New York Times Book Review, which compared Hitchens's efforts favourably with those of Alan Dershowitz (whose Letters to a Young Lawyer opened the series alongside them ... "At his best," he wrote, "Hitchens exhibits precisely the combination of indignation and intellect that he recommends to others." That said, An idea's unpopularity does not make it true ... Hitchens's endorsement of Kenneth Starr may have been boldly heterodox in his own circle, but it was heartily applauded in others ...
Letters To A Young Contrarian
... Letters to a Young Contrarian is Christopher Hitchens' contribution, released in 2001, to the Art of Mentoring series published by Basic Books ... Hitchens touches on his own ideological development, the nature of debate and humour, the ways in which language is slyly manipulated in apology for offensive and ridiculous positions, and how ... Throughout Hitchens makes reference to those dissenters who have inspired him over the years, including Emile Zola, Rosa Parks, George Orwell and Václav Havel ...
Love, Poverty, And War: Journeys And Essays
... by author, journalist and literary critic Christopher Hitchens ... Love" section includes essays on some of Hitchens's favourite literary figures Evelyn Waugh, James Joyce, Leon Trotsky and Rudyard Kipling "Poverty" includes ... "the book is overshadowed by that day and by Hitchens's response to it." It was, in Hitchens's words, "a condensed day of love, poverty, and war, all right." ...