Hit Points

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Sega Lock-On
... A gun set to team A could only hit a headset set to team B and vice versa ... This high power shot would take off three hit points from a headset, whereas a normal shot would take off one ... When turned on, each headset would start at nine hit points and when shot would count down and display the remaining hit points ...
Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Wizards Of The Coast) - Saga Edition
... Some of the major changes include Standard hit points have replaced the former Wounds/Vitality system ... Each character begins first level with three times their maximum hit die in hit points based on their class which is modified by the character's Constitution bonus ... Jedi and Soldiers for instance, have a hit die of d10, and begin 1st level with 30 hit points + Con bonus ...
Monato Esprit - Gameplay - Combat
... strike results in damage to the monster's hit points, while the monster attacks in turn ... Characters that lose all their hit points are revived in the nearest safe point, and there is no further punishment for defeat ... If a monster loses all of its hit points, it is defeated and can be looted for items ...
La Tale - Gameplay - Gameplay and Characters
... Names are also given to characters at this point (be warned that even if a character is deleted, the name will not be reusable) ... Hit points (HP) are displayed on the top left corner of the screen in orange, upon having a low amount of HP the bar will turn red ... Reaching zero hit points gives the player an option of returning to the nearest town or returning to the nearest saved waypoint, then will be resurrected with half HP and zero ...
Civilization V - Gameplay
... of the victory conditions—or surviving until the number of game turns end, at which point the highest-scoring civilization, based on several factors, is declared the winner ... by a combination of 'flavors' on a ten-point scale however, the values may differ slightly in each game ... Cities have hit points that, if taken down to zero, will signal the city's defeat to invading forces surviving an attack allows a city to recover a fraction (appx ...

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    Anne: He hit me, Jack. My own brother, he hit me.
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    Robert Rossen (1908–1966)