History of The French Line of Succession - House of Bourbon (restored, 1815-1830) - Louis XVIII


At the date of Louis XVIII's death, September 16, 1824, the line of succession was as follows:

  1. Charles Philippe, Count of Artois (b. 1757), Louis XVIII's brother
  2. Louis Antoine d'Artois, Duke of Angouléme (b. 1775), the Count of Artois's eldest son
  3. Henri d'Artois, Duke of Bordeaux (b. 1820), the Duke of Angouléme's nephew
    (Ferdinand VII of Spain (b.1784) and other descendants of Philip V of Spain would rank here, if the Treaty of Utrecht were to be considered invalid.)
  • Louis Philippe d'Orléans, Duke of Orléans (b. 1773), King Louis XVIII's fifth cousin
  • Ferdinand Philippe d'Orléans, Duke of Chartres (b. 1810), the Duke of Orléans's eldest son
  • Louis d'Orléans, Duke of Nemours (b. 1814), the Duke of Orléans's second son
  • François d'Orléans, Prince of Joinville (b. 1818), the Duke of Orléans's third son
  • Charles d'Orléans, Duke of Penthiévre (b. 1820), the Duke of Orléans's fourth son
  • Henri d'Orléans, Duke of Aumale (b. 1822), the Duke of Orléans's fifth son
  • Antoine d'Orléans, Duke of Montpensier (b. 1824), the Duke of Orléans's youngest son

The throne passed smoothly to the first person in line, who became Charles X.

The recognised living representative of the Bonaparte line was François, Duke of Reichstadt (b. 1811), Napoléon I's only legitimate son.

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