History of Japan - Periodization


One commonly accepted periodization of Japanese history:

Dates Period Period Subperiod Main government
30,000–10,000 BC Japanese Paleolithic unknown
10,000–300 BC Ancient Japan Jōmon local clans
900 BC – 250 AD (overlaps) Yayoi
c. 250–538 AD Kofun Yamato clans
538–710 AD Classical Japan Asuka
710–794 Nara Emperor of Japan
794–1185 Heian
1185–1333 Feudal Japan Kamakura Kamakura shogunate
1333–1336 Kemmu Restoration Emperor of Japan
1336–1392 Muromachi Nanboku-cho Ashikaga shogunate
1467–1573 Sengoku period Ashikaga shogunate, daimyōs, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi
1573–1603 Azuchi-Momoyama
1603–1868 Early Modern Japan Edo Tokugawa shogunate
1868–1912 Modern Japan Prewar Meiji Emperor of Japan
1912–1926 Taishō
1926–1945 Prewar Shōwa
1945–1952 Contemporary Japan Postwar Occupied Japan (Postwar Shōwa) Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers
1952–1989 Post-occupation (Postwar Shōwa) Parliamentary democracy
1989–present Heisei

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