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List Of Hill Forts In England
... There are over 1,350 known hill forts in England and Wales ... been destroyed and the actual number of hill forts constructed was probably higher, possibly around 1,600 ... England's hill forts are concentrated in the south and west, with especially high numbers in the south-western peninsula (Devon and Cornwall have a total of 285 hill forts) ...
Ringsbury Camp - See Also
... List of hill forts in England List of hill forts in Scotland List of hill forts in Wales Coordinates 51°34′47″N 1°53′36″W / 51.5798°N 1.8932°W ...
Enchanted Moura - Variants
... Moura (Moura-fiandeira), who carries stones on her head to build the hill forts while she spins the yarns with a Distaff that she carries at her waist ... The mouras encantadas were believed to be the builders of the Paleolithic hill forts, the dolmens, and the megaliths ... The ancient coins found on the hill forts were called "medals of the mouros" ...
Maiden Castle, Cheshire - History
... outer bank was later enlarged the outer face was extended 8 to 10 ft (2.4 to 3.0 m) away from the fort and the revetment moved ... to archaeologist James Forde-Johnston, who conducted a study of the hill forts of Lancashire and Cheshire in 1962, this was an unusually strong defence ... Varley, who also undertook excavations at Eddisbury hill fort, as part of his investigation into the origin of Cheshire's hill forts ...
Maiden Castle, Dorset - First Hill Fort
... Hill forts developed in the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age, roughly the start of the first millennium BC ... There are around 31 hill forts in Dorset archaeologist Sharples, who undertook excavations at Maiden Castle, proposed that hill forts were used to control agricultural land to support a large ... the entrances to Maiden Castle and Danebury were used to defend the weakest part of the hill fort ...

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