Highway 35 (Israel) - Junctions and Interchanges On The Highway

Junctions and Interchanges On The Highway

Km Location Name Type Meaning Intersecting routes
Highway 35
0 Ashkelon צומת ברכיה
(Berekhya Junction)
Highway 4
1.9 Berekhya, Mash'en (Junction with Route 3500) Road 3500
3.4 Ganei HaTzvi Events Center entrance road
5.8 Sde Yoav צומת גבעתי
(Givati Junction)
Route 232 North
6 Sde Yoav צומת גבעתי
(Givati Junction)
Route 232 South
7.7 Sde Yoav, Negba,
Yoav Fort
מחלף נגבה
(Negba Interchange)
entrance road
8.6 Hamei Yoav (Yoav Spa) entrance road
9.6 Otzem צומת נהורה
(Nehora Junction)
Route 352
10.3 Yad Natan צומת ליד נתן
(Yad Natan Junction)
entrance road
13 Revaha צומת רווחה
(Revaha Junction)
Road 3533
15.2 Camp Plugot entrance road
15.4 Netiv HaLamed Hei Reservoir entrance road
16.5 Kiryat Gat צומת פלוגות
(Plugot Junction)
Highway 40
17.8 Kiryat Gat צומת קרית גת צפון
(Kiryat Gat North Junction)
Lakhish Boulevard
17.9 HaZera Genetics Mabhur Seed Farm entrance road
18.9 Kiryat Gat מחלף קריית גת מזרח
(Qiryat Gat South Interchange)
HaDarom Road
20.1 Kiryat Gat Industrial Zone Israel Polack Blvd.
21 Kiryat Gat Industrial Zone local road
22.1 Sde Moshe צומת כניסה לשדה משה
(Sde Moshe Junction)
entrance road
22.8 Kiryat Gat מחלף קריית גת
(Qiryat Gat Interchange)
Highway 6 South
23 Kiryat Gat מחלף קריית גת
(Qiryat Gat Interchange)
Highway 6 North
24.4 Melakhim Forest
(Shaharriya Park)
צומת שחריה
(Shaharriya Junction)
entrance road
25.5 Lakhish Reservoir entrance road
26.1 Lakhish, Tel Lakhish צומת לכיש
(Lachish Junction)
Road 3415
31.9 Magav Camp (South) entrance road
32.5 Beit Guvrin rest stop צומת גוברין
(Guvrin Junction)
local road to
Beit Nir
32.6 Beit Guvrin National Park entrance road
32.9 Beit Guvrin צומת כניסה לבית גוברין
(Beit Guvrin Entrance)
entrance road
33.7 Beit Guvrin צומת נחושה
(Nehusha Junction)
Highway 38
36 Kfar Zoharim צומת כניסה לכפר זוהרים entrance road
38.3 Nehusha, Green Line צומת כביש 358
(Route 358 Junction,
planned as of 2007)
Route 358
40.2 Green Line
41.3 Green Line,
Tarqumiya Terminal
41.5 Tarqumiyah Security Checkpoint
41.7 Tarqumiyah Terminal
42.9 Tarqumiyah Road 3556
44.5 Tarqumiyah צומת כביש 354 Route 354 North
44.6 Idhna צומת כביש 354 Route 354 South
48.6 Adora צומת לאדורה
(Adora Junction)
entrance road
49.9 Telem צומת לתלם
(Telem Junction)
entrance road
51.2 factory entrance road
51.8 Camp Telem entrance road
53.8 Hebron (West),
Beit Kahil
Local road
56.3 Hebron,
צומת הזכוכית
(HaZchuhit Junction)
Local road
57.9 Hebron,
צומת העוקפים
(HaOkfim Junction)
Highway 60 (Israel)

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