Higher Education in Saskatchewan - Structure


The higher education system in Saskatchewan includes two universities, the University of Saskatchewan (in Saskatoon) and the University of Regina and their federated and affiliated colleges; the three campuses of the First Nations University of Canada; the four campuses of the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST); the eight regional colleges; private vocational schools or training institutions; and Aboriginal-run institutions and programs (including the Gabriel Dumont Institute and the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies).

The four federated colleges--Campion College, Luther College, St. Thomas More College and the First Nations University of Canada—are each academically integrated with a university, and each offers undergraduate degree programs and pre-professional studies.

Affiliated colleges are similar to federated colleges but are not academically merged with a university. These institutions—St. Peter’s College, Briercrest College and Seminary, the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad, Horizon College and Seminary the Lutheran Theological Seminary, and Andrew’s College—offer courses to fill the first and second year Arts and Science requirements for students’ chosen degree programs or to meet the entrance requirements for one of the professional colleges. Most of the Affiliated Colleges are theological colleges.

The Gabriel Dumont Institute and the Teachers’ Education Program also have partnerships with the universities that allow them to offer accredited courses to Aboriginal students and students in the north of the province.

Saskatchewan’s eight regional colleges allow students from rural Saskatchewan to access post-secondary education and training from the University of Saskatchewan the University of Regina and SIAST. Students are also able to access televised and other materials through the Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN). Some of the regional colleges offer university-transfer programs while others are primarily focused on adult basic education and trades/ technical training.

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