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Valhalla - Attestations - Prose Edda - Gylfaginning
... thrones, and three figures sitting upon them High sitting on the lowest throne, Just-As-High sitting on the next highest throne, and Third sitting on the highest ... The man guiding Gangleri tells him that High is the king of the hall ... In chapter 36, High states that valkyries serve drinks and see to the tables in Valhalla, and Grímnismál stanzas 40 to 41 are then quoted in reference to this ...
Einherjar - Attestations - Prose Edda
... In chapter 35, High quotes the Grímnismál valkyrie list, and says that these valkyries wait in Valhalla, and there serve drink, and look after tableware and drinking vessels in Valhalla ... In addition, High says that Odin sends valkyries to every battle, that they allot death to men, and govern victory ... In chapter 38, High provides more detail about the einherjar ...

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    The most useful man in the most useful world, so long as only commodity was served, would remain unsatisfied. But, as fast as he sees beauty, life acquires a very high value.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)