HHB could refer to:

  • Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
  • Henry Hunter Bayne & Co.
  • Heysham Port railway station, England; National Rail station code HHB.
  • The Horse and His Boy
  • HHB Communications, a producer of ADAT audio tape

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... Peridan, Lord Narnian courtier at embassy to Tashbaan (HHB) Pevensie, Edmund Friend of Narnia, King of Narnia, The Just (LWW), (HHB), (PC), (VDT), (LB) Pevensie, Lucy Friend ... HHB) Pittencream Sailor who was left on Ramandu's Island (VDT) Plummer, Polly Friend of Narnia, first to leave Earth (MN), (LB) Poggin Dwarf, the last dwarf loyal to King Tirian (LB ...
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