Herschel is a German surname with the possible meanings:

  • sorghum or millet (German Hirse) for someone working with such cereals
  • deer (German Hirsch) for a hunter or as a sobriquet ("nimble like a deer")

The name is closely tied to the Herschel family, an Anglo-German family of renowned astronomers:

  • Sir William Herschel (1738–1822), astronomer and composer, discoverer of Uranus
  • Caroline Lucretia Herschel (1750–1848), astronomer and singer, sister of Sir William Herschel
  • John Frederick William Herschel (1792–1871), mathematician and astronomer, son of Sir William Herschel
  • Alexander Stewart Herschel (1836–1907), astronomer, grandson of Sir William Herschel
  • William James Herschel (1833–1917), grandson of Sir William Herschel

Other notable people or families with the surname Herschel, Hershel, Herschell or Hershell include:

  • Allan Herschell (1851–1927), creator of amusement park rides
  • Farrer Herschell, 1st Baron Herschell (1837–1899), and hence the Baron Herschell line

Herschel can also be used as a first name:

  • Herschell Gordon Lewis (born 1929), a U.S. filmmaker, dubbed the Godfather of Gore
  • Herschelle Gibbs, South African cricketer
  • B. Herschel Babbage South Australian explorer, son of Charles Babbage
  • Herschel Krustofski, fictional character from The Simpsons, better known as "Krusty The Clown".
  • Herschel Walker, American football player

Herschel could also refer to a place:

  • Herschel, South Africa, town in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa
  • The planet Uranus, for a time known as Herschel after its discoverer Sir William Herschel
  • Herschel (crater), various craters in the solar system named after William Herschel
    • Herschel (Martian crater)
    • C. Herschel (crater)
    • Herschel (lunar crater)
    • Herschel (Mimantean crater)
    • J. Herschel (crater)
  • Herschel Island
  • Herschel, Saskatchewan

Herschel may also refer to:

  • Herschel Girls School, a private day and boarding school for girls in Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Herschel Space Observatory, ESA's far infrared space telescope
  • William Herschel Telescope, Ground-based telescope on La Palma
  • Herschel Museum of Astronomy
  • Herschel Greer Stadium

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Famous quotes containing the word herschel:

    Science is the knowledge of many, orderly and methodically
    digested and arranged, so as to become attainable by one. The
    knowledge of reasons and their conclusions constitutes abstract, that of causes and their effects, and of the laws of nature, natural science.
    —John Frederick William Herschel (1792–1871)