Heidenreich is a German surname which may be translated as "Land of the Heather," or "Power of the Heathens," or "Realm of the Heathens":

  • Heidenreich of Chełmno, first bishop of the Bishopric of Chełmno, 1245–1263
  • Kaspar Heidenreich (1510–1586), German reformer
  • Ludwig Heidenreich von Callenberg (died 1637), German officer
  • David Elias Heidenreich (1638–1688), German writer
  • Gustav Heidenreich (1819–1855), German painter
  • Adolf Heidenreich (1897–1958), German politician (SPD)
  • Fritz Heidenreich (1895–1966), German sculptor
  • Elke Heidenreich (born 1943), German TV journalist
  • Gert Heidenreich (born 1944), German writer
  • Walter Heidenreich (born 1949), German preacher
  • Herbert Heidenreich (born 1954), German footballer
  • Hans-Jürgen Heidenreich (born 1967), German footballer
  • Maximilian Heidenreich (born 1967), German footballer
  • Jon Heidenreich (born 1972), American professional wrestler
  • Heidenreichstein in Austria
  • Heidenreich, a heavy-metal band
  • Heidenreich Holding, a Norwegian company

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... On May 4, 1802, the horns were stolen by a goldsmith and watchmaker named Niels Heidenreich, who entered a storage area containing the horns using forged keys ... Heidenreich took the horns home and melted them down to recycle the gold ... The grandmaster of the goldsmiths guild, Andreas Holm, suspected that Heidenreich had been involved, since he had tried to sell Holm forged “pagodas” (Indian coins with god motifs), made from bad gold mixed ...
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... local executioners and named the executioner of Paris, Jean-François Heidenreich, Éxécuteur des Arrêts Criminels, which became France's official description of ... At the occasion of his nomination, Heidenreich could choose four among France's former local executioners to be his aides ... Jean-François Heidenreich 1871–1872 Nicolas Roch 1872–1879 Louis-Antoine-Stanislas Deibler 1879–1898 Anatole-François-Joseph Deibler 1899–1939 Jules-Henri Desfourneaux 1939–1951 ...
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