Hegelians may refer to:

  • Right Hegelians
  • Young Hegelians (Left Hegelians)
  • Hegelianism
  • neohegelianism

Other articles related to "hegelians, hegelian":

Arnold Ruge - Hegelians
... He also became associated with the Young Hegelians ... he discussed the questions of the time from the point of view of the Hegelian philosophy ...
Right Hegelians
... The Right Hegelians, Old Hegelians, or the Hegelian Right, were those followers of German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel in the early 19th ... They are typically contrasted with the Young Hegelians, who interpreted Hegel's political philosophy to support innovations in politics or religion ... The Hegelian right expanded this conception of statism, seizing on it as an affirmation of establishment politics and orthodox religion ...
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel - Legacy - Left and Right Hegelianism
... The Right Hegelians, the allegedly direct disciples of Hegel at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, advocated a Protestant orthodoxy and the political conservatism of the ... The Left Hegelians, also known as the Young Hegelians, interpreted Hegel in a revolutionary sense, leading to an advocation of atheism in religion and liberal democracy in politics ... No Hegelians of the period ever referred to themselves as "Right Hegelians" that was a term of insult originated by David Strauss, a self-styled Left Hegelian ...
Die Freien - Philosophy
... The Young Hegelians, or the Left Hegelians, were a group of followers of Hegelian philosophy ... They differed from the Old Hegelians, or the Right Hegelians, in that the latter were orthodox followers who strived to keep Hegel’s philosophy intact ... The Young Hegelians, in contrast, while adopting the main elements of the philosophy, such as the dialectic approach, were highly critical of others ...