Health Coaching

Health coaching, also referred to as wellness coaching, is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging a client to listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values, and transform their goals into action. Health coaching draws on the principles of positive psychology and the practices of motivational interviewing and goal setting. The terms “health coaching” and “wellness coaching” are used interchangeably.

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Efficacy of Health Coaching
... Several studies have shown health coaching to be effective in improving various aspects of health ... Coaching had a positive effect on patient’s knowledge, skill, self-efficacy and behavior change while an non-coached control group did not show any improvement ... A study on coronary heart disease indicated that patients in a coaching program achieved a significantly greater change in total cholesterol of 14 mg/dl than the non-c ...
Applications - Health Coaching
... In the world of health and wellness, a health coach is an emerging new role ... Health coaching is becoming recognized as a new way to help individuals "manage" their illnesses and conditions, especially those of a chronic nature ...

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    As they move into sharing parenting, men often are apprentices to women because they are not yet as skilled in child care. Mothers have to be willing to teach fathers—both by stepping in and showing and by stepping back and letting them learn.
    —Nancy Press Hawley. Ourselves and Our Children, by Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, ch. 6 (1978)