Headed Weaver

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... malimbicus) Blue-billed Malimbe (Malimbus nitens) Rachel's Malimbe (Malimbus racheliae) Red-headed Malimbe (Malimbus rubricollis) Red-vented Malimbe (Malimbus scutatus) Family Ploceidae Genus Species Bubalornis ... albirostris) Red-billed Buffalo Weaver (B ... niger) Dinemellia White-headed Buffalo Weaver (D ...
IUCN Red List Endangered Animal Species - P
... irangi Phrynobatrachus krefftii Phrynobatrachus pakenhami Phrynops dahli — Dahl's Toad-headed Turtle Phrynops hogei — Hoge's Sideneck Turtle Phrynopus adenobrachius Phrynopus bracki Phrynopus brunneus Phrynopus ... Banded Wattle-eye Platysternon megacephalum — Big-headed Turtle Plectrohyla acanthodes Plectrohyla arborescandens Plectrohyla avia Plectrohyla calthula Plectrohyla calvicollina Plectrohyla celata ...
List Of Birds Of Tanzania - Weavers and Allies
... The weavers are small passerine birds related to the finches ... Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver Bubalornis niger White-headed Buffalo-Weaver Dinemellia dinemelli Speckle-fronted Weaver Sporopipes frontalis White-browed ...
... It contains the following species Speckle-fronted Weaver (Sporopipes frontalis) Scaly-feathered Weaver (Sporopipes squamifrons) Family Ploceidae Genus Species Bubalornis White-billed Buffalo ... albirostris) Red-billed Buffalo Weaver (B ... niger) Dinemellia White-headed Buffalo Weaver (D ...

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    Machinery is aggressive. The weaver becomes a web, the machinist a machine. If you do not use the tools, they use you. All tools are in one sense edge-tools, and dangerous.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    It must have looked as if the course
    He steered was really straight away
    From that which he was headed for
    Not much concerned for them, I say;
    No more so than became a man
    And politician at odd seasons.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)