Hassan Khaled - His Writings

His Writings

Khaled wrote on many issues of Islam, including:

  • Islam and its social and material interdependence in society.
  • Inheritance in the Islamic Sharia (Legitimacy).
  • Personal Status provisions of the Islamic Sharia(Legitimacy).
  • Tales of Ramadan.
  • course of the Islamic call in Lebanon during the 14th century AH.
  • marriage to non-Muslims.
  • definition Letter of Islam.
  • Islam's position on paganism, Christianity and Judaism.
  • views and positions.
  • Madinah society before and after migration.
  • Muslims in Lebanon and the civil war.
  • Torah, the Bible and the Koran and science (A translation of Maurice Bokay's famous Book).
  • martyr in Islam.
  • Islam and its vision to after life.

Khaled also had a national role through chairing for many years the “Islamic Gathering,” a weekly political meeting that was held at Dar Alfatwa) that gave its views on Lebanese politics during the civil war in Lebanon. He was personally involved as a representative of Lebanon in many Islamic Arab conferences, or sent representatives to different Arab and world countries.

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