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Frock Coat - Modern Use - Orthodox Jewish Wear
... In the Lithuanian yeshiva world, many prominent figures wear a black frock coat also known as a kapotteh (accompanied by either a Homburg or fedora hat) as formal wear ... In recent years many Sefardi rabbis also wear a similar frock coat ... Most married male Lubavitcher Hasidim also don frock coats on Shabbat ...
... Many Hasidim in the past did not wear wool clothing, and the new polyester rekelech actually make it easier to keep this old custom ... version (typical of the Breslover Hasidim), and concealed button version, which many Gerer, Bobover and Sanz-Klausenburger Hasidim wear ... more colorful Breslov, Bobov, and Sanz-Klausenbug Hasidim ...
Hasidic Judaism - Hasidic Practice and Culture - Dress
... Much of Hasidic dress was historically the clothing of all Eastern-European Jews, but Hasidim have preserved more of these styles to the present day ... Furthermore, Hasidim have attributed religious origins to specific Hasidic items of clothing ... "Jewish hat" and, as a result of this edict, Hasidim modified their dress in the Russian Empire and generally hid their sidelocks ...

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