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Special Award For Humor

  • 1989 Bill Watterson, for Calvin and Hobbes (Universal Press Syndicate/Andrews McMeel Publishing)
  • 1990 Sergio Aragonés
  • 1991 Sergio Aragonés
  • 1992 Sergio Aragonés
  • 1993 Sergio Aragonés
  • 1994 Jeff Smith
  • 1995 Sergio Aragonés
  • 1996 Evan Dorkin
  • 1997 Sergio Aragonés
  • 1998 Sergio Aragonés
  • 1999 Sergio Aragonés
  • 2000 Sergio Aragonés, for Groo, etc.
  • 2001 Sergio Aragonés, for Groo, etc.
  • 2002 Evan Dorkin, for Dork (Slave Labor Graphics)
  • 2003 Evan Dorkin, for Dork (Slave Labor Graphics)
  • 2004 Tony Millionaire, Sock Monkey (Dark Horse Comics)
  • 2005 Kyle Baker, for Plastic Man (DC)
  • 2006 Kyle Baker, for Plastic Man (DC)
  • 2007 Bryan Lee O'Malley, for Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness (Oni Press)
  • 2008 Nicholas Gurewitch, The Perry Bible Fellowship (www.pbfcomics.com)
  • 2009 Al Jaffee for Tall Tales (Abrams Books)
  • 2010 Bryan Lee O'Malley, for Scott Pilgrim #5 (Oni Press)
  • 2011 Roger Langridge, for The Muppet Show Comic Book (BOOM! Studios)

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