Hardening means making a material, particularly a metal, physically harder, and includes particular cases such as:

  • Hardening (metallurgy), the strengthening of metal alloys by heat treatment
  • Case hardening, the process of hardening the surface of a metal by infusing elements into the material's surface forming a thin layer of a harder alloy
    • Case hardening of rocks
    • Case hardening (woodworking)
  • Air-hardening steel
  • Cryogenic hardening
  • Differential hardening
  • Diffusion hardening
  • Fire hardening
  • Hardening of the arteries
  • Induction hardening
  • Laser hardening
  • Precipitation hardening
  • Quenching#Quench hardening
  • a synonym for sclerotization occurring in arthropods
  • Shock hardening
  • Work hardening, also called strain hardening or cold working
    • Strain hardening exponent, a materials constant used in calculations regarding work hardening

It also has the metaphorical meaning of making something more resistant to some threat:

  • Hardening (botany) or cold hardening, the process by which a plant survives freezing temperatures
  • Hardening (computing), the process of securing a system
  • Intellectual property hardening
  • Target hardening, making a military or civilian installation resistant to armed attack
  • Radiation hardening, making a component or installation resistant to ionizing radiation
  • g-hardening, protection of something against high g-force due to acceleration
  • Windows Service Hardening, protection of Microsoft Windows services

It may also mean:

  • Absorption hardening, in nuclear engineering, an increase in the average energy of neutrons by absorption of those of lower energy

Other articles related to "hardening":

Peening - Work Hardening
... When a metal undergoes strain hardening its yield strength increases but its ductility decreases ... Strain hardening actually increases the number of dislocations in the crystal lattice of the material ... Copper and other malleable metals respond well to strain hardening ...
Target Hardening
... Target hardening, also referred to simply as hardening when made clear by the context, is a term used by police officers, those working in security, and the military referring to the strengthening of the security of ... In terms of home security, target hardening may also be referred to as crime prevention through environmental design ... However, for a business, taking target hardening too far can send the wrong message out to potential customers ...
Diffusion Hardening - Types
... Diffusion hardening can be done in many different ways to achieve different hardnesses and different surface finishes on metal parts ... Some of the different diffusion hardening operations include Carburizing, Nitriding, Carbonitriding, Nitrocarburizing, Boriding, Titanium-carbon diffusion, and Toyota diffusion ... While diffusion hardening is performed mainly on steel parts and carbon is mainly the element used for diffusion, diffusion hardening can also be performed with other diffusion elements and with other metals ...
Sclerosis (medicine)
... a deposit of fatty materials, such as cholesterol, in the arteries which causes hardening ... Lichen sclerosus, a disease hardening and connecting flesh of the vagina of women and the penis of men ... Primary sclerosing cholangitis, a hardening of the bile duct by scarring and repeated inflammation ...
Strain Hardening Exponent
... The strain hardening exponent (also called strain hardening index), noted as n, is a materials constant which is used in calculations for stress-strain ... The value of the strain hardening exponent lies between 0 and 1 ...

Famous quotes containing the word hardening:

    With sixty staring me in the face, I have developed inflammation of the sentence structure and definite hardening of the paragraphs.
    James Thurber (1894–1961)