Hanover Tache Junior Hockey League

The Hanover Tache Junior Hockey League is a Junior 'C' ice hockey league in Manitoba, Canada, sanctioned by Hockey Manitoba, the provincial branch of Hockey Canada. As the only accredited Junior 'C' league in Manitoba, league champions are also named provincial Junior 'C' champions by Hockey Manitoba.

The HTJHL operates exclusively in the southeast part of the province. It was originally created to complement the now-defunct Hanover-Tache Hockey League, a senior league that operated in the same area for over 50 years. The HTHL has now been succeeded by the Carillon Senior Hockey League. Some HTJHL teams are affiliated with CSHL clubs and HTJHL players often go on to play in the senior league after their junior eligibility expires.

The name Hanover-Tache is derived from the names of two municipalites (Hanover and Taché) where many of the HTHL's teams were originally located.

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