Hang Glider

  • (noun): A glider resembling a large kite; the rider hangs from it while descending from a height.
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Ultralight Trike - History - Some Modern Rogallo Flexible Winged Aircraft
... innovations to the world, which significantly fueled the hang glider revolution ... sold well, while dozens of flexible wing hang glider companies were springing up world-wide, building variants of Dickenson's Ski Wing ... and Popular Science magazines published articles on hang gliding which further increased its popularity, as the Sky Raiders hang gliding movie released in 1975 ...
Carl S. Bates - Biography
... Foundations of the modern hang gliding movement are traced in part to the popular Chanute style biplane that he spread with his articles to the public, as ... Bates built and flew a hang glider ... In April 1909 he authored a Popular Science how-to article on hang glider construction ...
Ultralights - Types of Aircraft
... The first generation of modern ultralights were actually hang gliders with small engines added to them, to create powered hang gliders ... current weight shift ultralights use a hang glider-style wing, below which is suspended a three-wheeled carriage which carries the engine and aviators ... a horizontal control bar in roughly the same way as a hang glider pilot flies ...

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  • (noun): A rider of a hang glider.

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