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Due to the portable nature of the platform, the game genres that are popular on video game consoles are not necessarily the same genres that are popular on handhelds. This is partly due to a constant game of technological catchup for handhelds; they are usually about 1-2 generations behind in graphic abilities than alternating current (AC) powered games. Further, there is a demand to keep the device small, so there are much fewer controls on handhelds than on other systems; this results in games that cannot be as complex. Typically due to the limited time that most users have when on the go, the average play duration is much shorter. Hence games that are quick to play, such as sidescrolling platform games and action puzzle games are very popular. It is important to note that there is solid-state storage for handheld titles, whether it be in the form of a memory card, or EEPROM. On the whole, even with the ability to save games, consumers prefer less time-consuming titles. More complex game types, such as adventure or first person shooters, are less popular.

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