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Dip (dance Move)
... Note Never hold her neck ... left, the lead may grip her left shoulder or upper arm, with his left hand ... During her spin, the lead's right hand holds the follow's right hand ...
Mahalakshmi Temple, Kolhapur - Significance
... region is eternally blessed and is believed to be held by Mother Jagdambe in her right hand, and so this region is protected from all destruction ... In the lower right hand she holds the matulinga, (a fruit similar to and ordinary lemon but much larger in size) ... In the upper right hand she holds large mace, kaumodaks, its head touching the ground ...
Francesca Woodman - Works - Photographs, 1972–1980
... to the camera, so that we can only see her hair, but her left hand is holding a cable linked to the camera." view view view view 171 ... Providence, Rhode Island 1975–1976 Woodman "appears as Alice, in a ... into the camera and gestures oddly with her hands and arms toward a door ajar…."(p ... While her right hand exerts pressure against the vitrine, her left seems to caress the form." view view view view 21. 1975–1976 Space2 Blurry figure at left of frame reaching down, generally in plane ...
Double Bridle - Holding The Reins - "3 To 1" Rein Hold
... In the 3 to 1 rein hold, one hand (historically, the left hand) holds three reins and the other only one rein ... The three-rein hand controls both curb reins and the bradoon rein which belongs to that side, and the other hand simply holds the other bradoon rein and the whip ... It is a hold that was common to the classical dressage tradition ...

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    Work is a responsibility most adults assume, a burden at times, a complication, but also a challenge that, like children, requires enormous energy and that holds the potential for qualitative, as well as quantitative, rewards. Isn’t this the only constructive perspective for women who have no choice but to work? And isn’t it a more healthy attitude for women writhing with guilt because they choose to compound the challenges of motherhood with work they enjoy?
    Melinda M. Marshall (20th century)

    Another gentleman ... desired to know if I was engaged, or would honour him with my hand [to dance]. So he was pleased to say, though I am sure I know not what honour he could receive from me; but these sort of expressions, I find, are used as words of course, without any distinction of persons, or study of propriety.
    Frances Burney (1752–1840)