Hakusensha was founded on December 1, 1973 by Shueisha, but is now a separate company although still a part of the Hitotsubashi Group together with Shueisha and Shogakukan as one of the major members of the keiretsu.

After setting up the company for 5 months, the firm published their first magazine, a shōjo manga magazine titled as Hana to Yume (花とゆめ?) and in November that year, they moved from Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda-Jinbōchō Ichi-chōme (東京都千代田区神田神保町1丁目?) to Kanda-Jinbōchō San-chōme (神田神保町3丁目?).

Then in year 1975, the firm changed the frequency of their magazine from monthly to semi-monthly and in March, they created their first imprint, Hana to Yume Comics (花とゆめコミックス?). In July 1976, they published their second manga magazine, a shōjo manga magazine named Hana to Yume LaLa (花とゆめ LaLa?) as a sister magazine to Hana to Yume that is published bi-monthly. In April 1977, they set up a publication editing department and in July, they began publishing a seasonal magazine titled Bessatsu Hana to Yume (別冊花とゆめ?).

In March 1981, they moved again from Kanda-Jinbōchō San-chōme (神田神保町3丁目?) to Nishi-Kanda San-chōme (西神田3丁目?) and in September, they branch out from their usual shōjo manga magazines to a shōnen genre by publishing Shōnen Jets (少年ジェッツ?). Along with that, the company released their series in Shōnen Jets under a new imprint, Jets Comics (ジェッツコミックス?) in July 1982. But as of January 2009, the magazine is now defunct but the imprint is still used to publish their seinen manga series serializing in Young Animal and Young Animal Arashi as well as certain series serializing in Melody.

3 years later on August, they published a new magazine, specialising under the josei genre, Silky that is published bi-monthly on even-numbered months. With that, they created an imprint for Silky's series to be published under Ladies' Comics (レディースコミックス?). In March 1989, they started publishing a seinen manga magazine called Animal House. 3 years after Animal House, they published Moe, a monthly magazine for picture books targeted towards shōjo readers. In May that year when Moe was published, Animal House was renamed to Young Animal and was then published semi-monthly since.

In March 1994, they created another imprint, Hakusensha Bunko (白泉社文庫?). This imprint are for publishing manga in the bunkoban format. Moreover, in December 1995, they started publishing another magazine that was published seasonally, Shōsetsu HanaMaru (小説花丸?) which is targeted towards the josei readers.

In January 1996, they created another imprint for Shōsetsu HanaMaru (小説花丸?),HanaMaru Comics (花丸コミックス?). In July that year, they created another imprint, HanaMaru Bunko (花丸文庫?). In September, they published Melody which publishes on odd-numbered months. On the same month, they moved from Nishi-Kanda San-chōme (西神田3丁目?) to Kanda-Awajichō Ni-chōme・Hakusensha Biru (神田淡路町2丁目・白泉社ビル?), their present location.

2 years later on April, they published LaLa DX with a frequency of bi-monthly on odd-numbered months. The company also began selling their drama CDs under Hakusensha CD Collection (白泉社CDコレクション?) or abbreviated as HCD.

In June 2001, they published Candy but as of January 2009, the magazine has been discontinued. In May 2005, they changed their special publication of Young Animal Arashi into a monthly publication. In July 2006, Bessatsu Hana to Yume was changed to a monthly publication. HanaMaru Black (花丸BLACK?), a magazine targeted at readers of yaoi genre started its publication on May 2008.

Their latest publication, Le Paradis, a manga anthology published triannually will publish its first issue on October 29, 2008.

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