Hair Analysis

Hair analysis may refer to the chemical analysis of a hair sample, but can also refer to microscopic analysis or comparison. Chemical hair analysis may be considered for retrospective purposes when blood and urine are no longer expected to contain a particular contaminant, typically a year or less. Its most widely accepted use is in the fields of forensic toxicology and, increasingly, environmental toxicology. Several alternative medicine fields also use various hair analyses for environmental toxicology but these uses are controversial, evolving and not standardized.

Hair analysis can refer to the forensic technique of assessing a number of different characteristics of hairs, usually consisting of hairs from "known" sources and those recovered during forensic examinations or "questioned" hairs in order to determine whether they have a common source; for example, comparing hair found at the scene of the crime with hair samples taken from a suspect. Typically, examinations of this type are conducted using stereo-microscope(s) for initial preparation, and a comparison microscope for detailed analysis (comparison).

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... State of the art in hair analysis for detection of drugs and alcohol abuse Clinica Chimic Acta 2006. 17-49 ...
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... In 1984, the FTC successfully obtained an injunction to stop a hair analysis laboratory's false claims to the public, on the basis that it was "inaccurate ... However, commercial use of hair analysis in this manner is unscientific, economically wasteful, and probably illegal." The authors did not explicitly rule out ... a variety of 'abnormal conditions' were indicated by the hair samples, none of which were actually present ...
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... In hair analysis the levels of minerals and metals in the hair sample are analyzed ... and that patients afflicted by conditions such as autism have anomalous hair test results ... As of 1998, the 9 commercial 'nutritional hair analysis' laboratories currently operating in the United States, 3 indicate that they primarily use ICP-MS, 4 primarily use ICP-AES, and 1 reports use of ...
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... In mainstream scientific usage, hair analysis is the chemical analysis of a hair sample ... The use of hair analysis in alternative medicine as a method of investigation to assist alternative diagnosis is controversial and its use in this manner has ...

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