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  • Ha (河), Middle Chinese of He (surname), 2 kinds of origin
  • Ha (賀), Middle Chinese of He (surname), 3 kinds of origin
  • Ha (夏), Cantonese of Xia (surname), 5 kinds of origin
  • Ha (胡), common of Hồ, Hu (surname), 5 kinds of origin
  • Ha (哈), Chinese surname of Mongol, Hui, Han people, 3 kinds of origin
  • Hà, Vietnamese surname
  • Hạ, Vietnamese surname 賀
  • Hà, Ho, Vietnamese surname 胡 from Chinese Li (黎) clan of Hồ dynasty, etc.
  • Hạ, He, Vietnamese surname 夏
  • Ha (河), Korean surname, of Ho, He
  • Ha (夏), Korean surname, of Xia
  • Ha (賀), old Korean surname, of Ho, He

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