Gygax may refer to:

  • Gary Gygax (1938–2008), an American writer and game designer
  • Markus Gygax (born 1950), the current commander of the Swiss Air Force
  • Daniel Gygax (born 1981), a Swiss football midfielder

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... a player character of Lucion Paul Gygax in Gary Gygax's home campaign ... In Gary Gygax's 1986 novel Artifact of Evil, Melf is also known as Melf of the Arrow ...
Lordship Of The Isles (Dungeons & Dragons) - Developmental History
... In the 1970s, while helping to co-develop Dungeons and Dragons, Gary Gygax created a campaign setting which eventually became known as the World of Greyhawk. 1980's The World of Greyhawk folio (TSR 9025), Gygax set the campaign in 576 CY, and included a brief paragraph about the Lordship of the Isles ... An almost identical paragraph appeared in Gygax’s World of Greyhawk boxed set in 1983 (TSR 1015) however, the ruler was now identified by name as Prince Latmac ...
List Of Greyhawk Characters - T - Tasha
... as Tenser and Bigby, were actual characters who had been created and played by Gary Gygax and his friends and children ... of Tasha's hideous laughter was actually named after a little girl who wrote letters to Gygax with crayons ... In later material, Gygax revealed that Tasha was an alias used by Iggwilv during her time as an apprentice of Zagig Yragerne and a member of the Company of Seven ...
Lorraine Williams - Brought Into TSR By Gary Gygax
... Gary Gygax, co-inventor of the role-playing game Dungeons Dragons and partner in the company TSR, had been sent to Hollywood in 1982 to work on licensing the Dungeons Dragons brand, leaving the day-to-day ... In the course of his work, Gygax met Flint Dille, with whom he collaborated on a series of choose-your-own-adventure-type novels and a script for an unmade ... In 1984, Gygax was alerted to the fact that TSR was $1.5 million in debt and the Blumes were looking for a buyer ...