Gunnar is a male first name of Nordic origin (Gunnarr in Old Norse) The name Gunnar means fighter, soldier and attacker, but mostly is referred to by the Viking saying which mean Brave and Bold warrior (gunnr "war" and arr "warrior"). Gunder is a Danish variant, Günther is the modern German variant. Some people with the name Gunnar include:

  • Gunnar Andersson, Swedish football player
  • Gunnar Asplund, Swedish architect
  • Gunnar Berg (composer)
  • Gunnar Berg (Scouting)
  • Gunnar Berg (painter)
  • Gunnar Berg (politician)
  • Gunnar Berge, Norwegian politician
  • Gunnar Björnstrand, Swedish actor
  • Gunnar Ekelöf, Swedish poet
  • Gunnar Fant, Swedish pioneer of speech synthesis
  • Gunnar Emil Garfors (1900–1979), Norwegian poet
  • Gunnar Gren, Swedish football player
  • Gunnar Hámundarson, 10th century Icelandic chieftain
  • Gunnar Hansen, Icelandic actor
  • Gunnar Jarring, Swedish diplomat
  • Gunnar Johansson (footballer)
  • Gunnar Johansson (psychophysicist)
  • Gunnar Knudsen, Norwegian politician
  • Gunnar Myrdal, Swedish economist
  • Gunnar Nelson, American musician
  • Gunnar Nielsen (athlete), Danish athlete
  • Gunnar Nielsen (footballer), Faroese footballer
  • Gunnar Nilsson, Swedish racing driver
  • Gunnar Nordahl, Swedish football player
  • Gunnar Persson, Swedish cartoonist
  • Gunnar Thoresen (footballer), Norwegian football player
  • A variant name for Gunther, king of the Burgundians

A business with the name Gunnar:

  • Gunnar Optiks, an eyewear company

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... Matthew and Gunnar Nelson decided to approach Geffen Records for a record deal ... According to Gunnar, they met with Kalodner "every month for a year", during which he filtered the songs they brought him until they had enough for an album ... Gunnar Nelson described the collaborating process in an interview as "magical" and praised Tanner for being "very supportive of our own instincts and our ...
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... When Marta suggests that the alchemy subject be removed, he seeks out Gunnar, in hopes that he will be able to stop her plans ... Gunnar Damm (グンナル・ダム, Gunnaru Damu?) Voiced by Kenyuu Horiuchi (Japanese), Richard Epcar (English) The teacher of the "Art of Battle" class that has just been implemented ... In North American release of the first Mana-Khemia, he is known as Flay Gunnar, which translated over to the sequel for consistency purposes ...
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... Gunnar was connected to the left-wing movement Workers' Communist Party (AKP-(ml) in Norwegian) until the death of John Lennon in 1980 ... This incident changed the life of both Gunnar, Ola and Seb ... Gunnar became an archaeologist, Seb a teacher, and Ola a hairdresser, like his father ...
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