GTI may refer to:

  • Volkswagen Golf GTI, a car
  • GTi Engineering, an auto racing team
  • Galway Technical Institute
  • Grand Tourer Injection, a car model variant
  • GT Interactive, a video game publisher and distributor
  • Guilford Transportation Industries, a transportation company
  • GrafTech, a graphite manufacturing company, NYSE symbol GTI
  • Atlas Air, ICAO code GTI
  • Grid-tie_inverter, an aparatus to convert dc electrical (solar, wind) energy to ac and deliver it back to the grid.

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GTI Specialist Publishers
... GTI Specialist Publishers is a graduate careers publisher in the United Kingdom ... GTI started life in a single room and after 18 years now has offices in Ireland, Malaysia, France, and Germany ...
GTI Club+: Rally Côte D'Azur - Downloadable Contents
... on 4 June 2009, adding four cars taken from GTI Club Supermini Festa! ... These are the Fiat 500 Abarth, BMW Mini Cooper S (MkII), Peugeot 207 GTi -bears a Supermini Festa sticker!- and Volkswagen Polo GTI (Mk5) with their respective Police and Taxi versions as in the arcade game ... GTI Club Supermini Festa! features three more circuits named England, U.S ...
Proton Satria R3 - Model Information
... It was conceived as a run-out model of the successful Satria GTi, and was positioned at the top of the Satria range. 1.8-litre, inline-4 engine as the Satria GTi (albeit with a new free-flow exhaust system), producing 140 bhp (105 kW) and 168 nm of torque ... via a five-speed manual transmission, also sourced from the GTi ...
GTI Club+: Rally Côte D'Azur
... GTI Club+ Rally Côte d'Azur is the PlayStation 3 racing game by Konami ... The arcade version itself is a remake of the original GTI Club released in 1996 ... GTI Club+ was ported in HD by Sumo Digital, a Foundation 9 Entertainment affiliate, and was released through the European PlayStation Store on 4 December 2008, and the North American Store on 15 January 2009 ...