GSR may refer to:

  • Galvanic skin response, a method to understand various types of activity in certain parts of the body
  • Gens Sound Record, a sound format for Sega Genesis music
  • Glenn Seton Racing, an Australian V8 Supercar motor racing team
  • Goshen Scout Reservation, a Boy Scout reservation in Virginia
  • Grammata Serica Recensa, a dictionary of Old Chinese by the Swedish sinologist Bernard Karlgren
  • Gunshot residue, trace particles left behind by a gun being fired
  • SIG Sauer GSR "Granite Series Rail", an M1911-based pistol by SIG Sauer, a Swiss-German weapons manufacturer.

In railways:

  • Great Southern Railway (Australia), whose mainline spans the entire continent of Australia, connecting Sydney with Perth
  • Great Southern Railway (Western Australia), which connects Beverley and Albany
  • Great Southern Railways, which operated all rails within the Irish Free State from 1925 through 1945

GSR may also be used for:

  • Cisco 12000 or Gigabit Switch Router, an Internet router made by Cisco Systems
  • GSR, a series of bass guitars by Ibanez
  • GSR (Ground Surveillance Radar), a military radar used to detect personnel, wheeled and tracked vehicular movement.
  • GSR (General Service Representative), an elected service position in Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • GSR (Gold/Silver Ratio), the ratio of the cost between Gold and Silver, historically 15:1.

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