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Aircraft Types

Produced by Grob Aircraft AG
  • Grob G 120TP - Turboprop Trainer
  • Grob G 120A - Trainer
  • Grob G 115E - Trainer
  • Grob G 520 Egrett - High altitude reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft
Produced by Grob Aerospace GmbH
  • Grob G 102 Astir - single-seat composite construction Standard Class sailplane
  • Grob G 103 - two-seat sailplane
    • G 103 Twin Astir
    • G 103 Twin II (also available in Acro version G 103a Twin II)
    • G 103C Twin III (also available in Acro versions)
    • The Grob Viking T1 was the UK military version of the G 103 Twin II.
  • Grob G 104 Speed Astir - single-seat 15 metre Class sailplane
  • Grob G 109 - self-launching two-seat motorglider
  • Grob G 115 - Low wing all-composite two-seat aerobatic monoplane
  • Grob G 120 - Trainer
  • Grob G 140 four seat turboprop
  • Grob G 520 Egrett/STRATO 1
  • Grob SPn business jet and variants
  • HALE G 600 High altitude long endurance variant of the SPn
  • GF 200
  • Grob G 850 Strato 2c

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