Green-white-checker Finish

The green-white-checker finish is a rule implemented into many levels of automobile racing in the United States. When the race would otherwise end during a yellow-flag caution condition (during which no competition may take place, including no passing), this rule gives the field an attempt to finish the race under a green-flag, racing condition. Instead of ending the race when the stated distance has been covered, it continues until the green flag is given (signalling the end of the caution condition), at which time the drivers resume the race with two laps remaining, regardless of the actual number of laps covered to that point. They then get the white flag, signaling the final lap, and then take the checkered flag, signaling the end of the race.

Depending on the series' sanctioning body, there may be a number of possible variants cited in the application of this rule.

In 2007, Fox began referring to the green-white-checkered finish as "Overdrive", an allusion to the term overtime used in many timed sports.

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... For example, in an 18-lap race, the caution is waved on the 14th lap (two-thirds is 12 laps) ... The caution period lasts three laps, with the safety car coming in at the end of the 16th lap, effectively calling the restart on Lap 17 ...

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