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Benjamin G. Wilkinson - Biography
... with deletions and changes from corrupted Alexandrian text. 1881, because he claimed it was translated from inaccurate Greek texts ... For example, in Acts 1342 a change in the Greek text removed the word Gentiles ...
Josephus Scholarship - Manuscripts, Textual Criticism and Editions
... imperfect Latin translation from the original Greek ... Only in 1544 did a version of the standard Greek text become available, edited by the Dutch humanist Arnoldus Arlenius ... The 1544 Greek edition formed the basis of the 1732 English translation by William Whiston, which achieved enormous popularity in the English-speaking world (and which is currently available online for free ...
Annunciation To The Shepherds - Translational Issues
... The disparity reflects a dispute about the Greek text of the New Testament involving a single letter ... The Greek text accepted by most modern scholars today uses the words epi gēs eirēnē en anthrōpois eudokias ... Most ancient manuscripts of the Greek New Testament have this reading ...
Papyrus 32 - Greek Text
... Epistle to Titus 111-15 (recto) EΠIΣTOMI- ZEIN OITINEΣ OΛOYΣ OIKOYΣ ANATPE- ΠOYΣI ΔIΔAΣKONTEΣ A MH ΔEI AIΣXPOY KEPΔOYΣ XAPIN EIΠEN TIΣ EΞ AYTΩN IΔIOΣ AYTΩN ΠPOΦHTHΣ KPHTEΣ AEI ΨEYΣTAI KAKA ΘHPIA ΓAΣTEPEΣ APΓAI H MAPTYPIA AYTH EΣTIN AΛHΘHΣ ΔI HN AITIAN EΛENXE AYTOYΣ AΠOTOMΩΣ INA YΓIAINΩΣIN EN TH ΠIΣTEI MH ΠPOΣEXONTEΣ IOYΔAIKOIΣ MYΘOIΣ KAI ENTOΛAIΣ ANΘPΩΠΩN APOΣTPEΦO- MENΩN THN AΛEΘEIAN ΠANTA KA- ΘAPA TOIΣ KAΘAPOIΣ TOIΣ ΔE MEMIAM- MENOIΣ KAI AΠIΣTOIΣ OYΔEN KAΘAPON epistomi- zein oitines olous oikous anatre- pousin didaskontes a mē dei aischrou kerdous charin eipen tis ex autōn idios autōn prophētēs krētes aei pseustai kaka thēria gasteres argai ē marturia autē estin alēthēs di ēn aitian elenche autous apotomōs ina ugiainōsin en tē pistei mē prosechontes ioudaikois muthois kai entolais anthrōpōn apostrepho- menōn tēn alētheian panta ka- thara tois katharois tois de memiam- menois kai apistois ouden katharon.. ... to muzzle, because whole families they are upsetting, teaching what they must not, for ugly gain's sake ...
Testament Of Abraham - Manuscript Tradition
... The Greek text of the Testament of Abraham is preserved in two quite different recensions the long recension, which has a more developed, detailed and linear story ... or whether we shall suppose one or more original texts ... This view has been challenged for example by Turner, who studied the text from a linguistic point of view, and mainly by Schmidt, who worked deeply on manuscript E of the short ...

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    Don Pedro. But when shall we set the savage bull’s horns on the sensible Benedick’s head?
    Claudio. Yes, and text underneath, “Here dwells Benedick, the married man?”
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    He degraded himself by the vice of drinking, which, together with a great stock of Greek and Latin, he brought away with him from Oxford and retained and practised ever afterwards.
    Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield (1694–1773)