Gravitational Fields

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Gravitational Mass - Newtonian Gravitational Mass - Universal Gravitational Mass and Amount
... Newton's cannonball illustrated the relationship between the Earth’s gravitational mass and its gravitational field however, a number of other ambiguities still remained ... To answer these questions, Newton introduced the entirely new concept that gravitational mass is “universal” meaning that every object has gravitational mass, and ... further assumed that the strength of each object’s gravitational field would decrease according to the square of the distance to that object ...
Scalar Theories Of Gravitation - Relation To The Higgs Field
... While the source of tensor gravitational fields come from components of the 4-momentum of particles, the source of scalar gravitational fields come from the trace of this which is equal to the ... Thus the theory of scalar gravitational fields is useful in the study of Higgs fields which give mass to stationary particles ...
Tests Of General Relativity
... That light appeared to bend in gravitational fields in line with the predictions of general relativity was found in 1919 but it was not until a program of precision tests was ... the behaviour of binary pulsars experiencing much stronger gravitational fields than found in our solar system ... Both in the weak field limit (as in our solar system) and with the stronger fields present in systems of binary pulsars the predictions of general relativity have been extremely ...

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