Grantor may refer to:

In law:

  • Grantor, a United States term in legal conveyancing for the party granting title or encumbrance
  • Grantor, a United States term for settlor, the party that creates a trust
  • Grantor, or optionor, a party in an option contract

In philanthropy:

  • Grantor, a party that makes a grant of money

Other articles related to "grantor, grantors":

Recording (real Estate) - Title Searching
... Theoretically, title searching is performed by starting with the grantor index and looking up the name of the first recorded owner of title ... Then the grantee's name is looked up in the grantor index to find the deed by which it has subsequently conveyed the title, and so forth until no more grants are found ... Also, liens or encumbrances granted by any of the grantors are also found in the search ...
Qualified Personal Residence Trust - Income Tax Aspects of Residence Trusts
... A residence trust (PRT or QPRT) will remain a grantor trust during the grantor’s retained term ... Grantor status is important, because it will allow the grantor to take mortgage interest and property tax deductions, and will also avail the grantor of the Code Section 121 gain exclusion ... Following the expiration of the residence term, the grantor status of the trust usually ceases, unless the trust is drafted in a manner to make the trust intentionally grantor following the expiration of the ...
Special Types of Securitization - Grantor Trust
... Grantor trusts are typically used in automobile-backed securities and REMICs (Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits) ... Grantor trusts are very similar to pass-through trusts used in the earlier days of securitization ... An originator pools together loans and sells them to a grantor trust, which issues classes of securities backed by these loans ...
Standing Proxy
... corporation shall be entitled to exercise the same power on behalf of the grantor of the authority as the grantor could exercise if it were an individual ...