• (adj): Dealing with the affairs or structure of government or politics or the state.
    Example: "Governmental policy"
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Microsoft Litigation - Governmental - Other
... In May 2004, a class-action lawsuit accused Microsoft of overcharging customers in the state of California ... The company settled the case for $1.1 billion, and a California court ordered Microsoft to pay an additional $258 million in legal fees (including over $3,000 per hour for the lead attorney in the case, more than $2,000 per hour for colleagues, and in excess of $1,000 per hour for administrative work) ...
Listed Buildings In Sweden - Governmental Listed Buildings
... There are about 260 governmental listed buildings, for example government and court houses, defensive structures such as fortresses, bridges, royal palaces and lighthouses ... The governmental listed buildings are owned by the state and recount important parts of the history of Sweden and its government ... The government of Sweden decides whether a governmental building or site is to be listed ...
The Code (TV Series) - Society and Law
... of law written and enforced by a state Legal code (municipal), a body of law written by a governmental body, such as a U.S ... Ethical code, adopted by a profession, by a governmental or quasi-governmental organ, or by a trade group or other organization ...

More definitions of "governmental":

  • (adj): Of or relating to the governing authorities.
    Example: "The core of a governmental system"; "public confidence and governmental morale"

Famous quotes containing the word governmental:

    Perhaps one reason that many working parents do not agitate for collective reform, such as more governmental or corporate child care, is that the parents fear, deep down, that to share responsibility for child rearing is to abdicate it.
    Faye J. Crosby (20th century)

    Almost every thing, especially of governmental policy, is an inseparable compound of the two [good and evil].
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    As a Tax-Paying Citizen of the United States I am entitled to a voice in Governmental affairs.... Having paid this unlawful Tax under written Protest for forty years, I am entitled to receive from the Treasury of “Uncle Sam” the full amount of both Principal and Interest.
    Susan Pecker Fowler (1823–1911)