Gourmet ( /ɡɔrˈmeɪ/) is a cultural ideal associated with the culinary arts of fine food and drink, or haute cuisine, which is characterised by refined, even elaborate preparations and presentations of aesthetically balanced meals of several contrasting, often quite rich courses. The term and its associated practices are usually used positively to describe people of refined taste and passion.

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Toriko - Media - Video Games
... Two for the PlayStation Portable, Toriko Gourmet Survival (2011) and Toriko Gourmet Survival 2 (2012), and two for the Nintendo 3DS, Toriko Gourmet Monsters! (2012) and Toriko Gourmet ga Battle! (2013) ...
Gourmet Burger Kitchen
... Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) is a restaurant business in United Kingdom specialising in gourmet burgers from a fully traceable West Country herd ... Gourmet Burger Kitchen is also expanding by way of franchising in the Republic of Ireland and there it is run by an Irish-owned restaurant group ...
Gourmet - Related Concepts
... Foodie is often used by the media as a conversational synonym for gourmet, although it is a different concept (that of a food aficionado) ...
Stephen's Gourmet
... Stephen's Gourmet /ˈstiːvənz/ is a gourmet food brand owned by Indulgent Foods, a company in Farmington, Utah, and the brand name of the hot cocoa powder it manufactures and sells in stores ... The principal flavor is milk chocolate, but Stephen's Gourmet markets the powder in a variety of flavors, including mint, French vanilla, raspberry, dark chocolate, hazelnut, Irish cream, Pumpkin Spice and orange ... In addition to hot cocoa, Stephen's Gourmet also sells powder to make instant hot wassail and cider ...
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... The Gourmet Society is a UK-based organisation that was created in 2003 and was initially developed in the Midlands ... Gourmet Society restaurants offer a range of discounts to members ... The Gourmet Society organised the North East Restaurant Awards in 2007 ...

Famous quotes containing the word gourmet:

    For an artist to marry his model is as fatal as for a gourmet to marry his cook: the one gets no sittings, and the other gets no dinners.
    Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)