GOH or goh may refer to:

  • General Overhaul Program
  • Nuuk Airport (IATA airport code), in Nuuk, Greenland
  • Guest of Honor
  • Goh Hinogami, A judo fighter from Virtua Fighter Series
  • Old High German (ISO 639-2)
  • Gates of Heaven
  • Glory of Heracles, a video game series
  • Goh "The Crow" is the lead character featured in the PlayStation 2 video game Shinobido: Way of the Ninja.
  • Team Goh, a Japanese auto racing team.
  • Term used in courier warehouses meaning 'going on hold', meaning the parcel will not be dispatched until the following day.
  • Goh is a romanization of a Chinese family name/surname (吳). See Ng or Wu
  • Goh is a romanization of a Korean family name/surname Ko (Korean name).

Other articles related to "goh":

Theresa Goh - Early Life and Education
... Theresa Goh was born on 16 February 1987 in Singapore, the eldest of three children of Bernard Goh, the general manager of an engineering company, and Rose, a housewife ... Goh had surgery at four months to close the opening at the base of her spine where her spinal cord was protruding ... I be swimming or where I am today if I weren't disabled." Goh, who was introduced to swimming at the age of five years, attended Tampines North Primary School and Dunman Secondary School ...
Chong Ah Fatt
... He was the Polling Agent of former Singapore Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong during the latter's first election for MP of Marine Parade constituency in the 1976 election ... as the SEA Representative and Shipping Manager where he worked with Goh Chok Tong who was Managing Director ...
Ahmad Abdullah - 1976
... co-founded chartered accountancy firm Ahmad Abdullah Goh with chartered accountant Michael Goh, and remained a partner of the firm until 1982 ... Michael Goh now serves as the managing partner of the firm ...
Chan-hon Goh
... Chan-hon Goh (simplified Chinese 吴振红 traditional Chinese 吳振紅 Mandarin Pinyin Wú Zhènhóng Jyutping Ng4 Zan3 hung4), born in 1969 in Beijing, China, was a Chinese-born Canadian ballet ... Both of her parents (Choo-chiat Goh and Lin-yee Goh) were principal dancers in the National Ballet of China ... they left China for Vancouver, British Columbia, where they established the Goh Ballet Academy ...