God in Hinduism - Concept of God in Arya Samaj

Concept of God in Arya Samaj

According to the Arya Samajis, the following verses from Yajurveda rules out concept of trinity and worshipping deities in Hinduism:

“He is the One who maintains the entire universe. He is the One who has created the entire universe. He is the One who ensures justice as per our deeds. He is the One who keeps us protected and pampers us every moment. He is the One who pervades everywhere and does not leave us unattended at any place or at any moment. Why should I worship anyone else when He alone is Best? Why should I follow anyone else when He is directly guiding me through my inner voice?”(Yajurveda 17.18)

Another verse from Rigveda preaching the oneness of Parmatma is:

“The Supreme One, who represents selflessness, controls the entire universe, is present everywhere and is the Devata of all Devatas, alone is source of bliss. Those who do not understand Him remain drenched in sorrow and those who realize Him achieve unconditional happiness”. (Rigveda 1.164.39)

In Arya Samaj, it is believed that the different names denoting various deities in the Rigveda actually refer to one single cosmic God, who is beyond corruption, separated from the temporary world and yet exercising absolute control over all matters of the world. Nature, human soul and God are viewed as three separate entities, with God usually referred to as Ishvara.

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