Glucose Residues

Some articles on glucose residues, residues:

CALR - Function
... have the function of binding to oligosaccharides containing terminal glucose residues, thereby targeting them for degradation ... In normal cellular function, trimming of glucose residues off the core oligosaccharide added during N-linked glycosylation is a part of protein processing ... If "overseer" enzymes note that residues are misfolded, proteins within the RER will re-add glucose residues so that other Calreticulin/Calnexin can bind to these proteins and prevent them from proceeding ...
Glycans and Proteins - N-Linked Glycans - Functions and Importance
... reticulum, such as calnexin and calreticulin, bind to the three glucose residues present on the core N-linked glycan ... Following proper folding, the three glucose residues are removed, and the glycan moves on to further processing reactions ... fails to fold properly, the three glucose residues are reattached, allowing the protein to re-associate with the chaperones ...

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