Glaze or glazing may refer to:

  • Glaze (metallurgy), a layer of compacted sintered oxide formed on some metals
  • Glaze (cooking technique), a coating of a glossy, often sweet, mixture applied to food
  • Glaze (painting technique), a layer of paint, thinned with a medium, so as to become somewhat transparent
  • Glazing, a transparent part of a wall
  • Ceramic glaze, a vitreous coating to a ceramic material whose primary purposes are decoration or protection
  • Glazed (album), a 1993 album by the Canadian rock band Mystery Machine

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Glaze - People With The Surname
... Ralph Glaze (1882–1968), American athlete and coach Peter Glaze (1917–1983), English comedian Terry Glaze (born 1964), American singer ...
... Strié is a popular form of faux painting using glaze and paint brushes to create a soft natural striped texture ... Strié is a negative glaze technique ... The glaze is generally rolled over the entire surface, and then removed with a tool such as a brush ...
List Of The Bill Characters (E-L) - G - Danny Glaze
... Danny Glaze First appearance Makeover (11 May 1999) Last appearance Episode #155 (8 October 2003) Portrayed by Karl Collins Information Occupation ... Glaze later gets caught up in the scandal surrounding Des Taviner, when he finds out that Des planted evidence in accused murderer Jeff Simpson's residence ... Glaze eventually reveals the truth, but to avoid prosecution, he keeps £20,000, which he came across during a robbery case, and flees to South Africa ...
Rio Grande Glaze Ware - Tabular Approach To Classification
... which first keys off rim profiles, is probably best suited to the northern portion of the glaze ware production area—in other words, in the area ... alternative approach, by Franklin (2007), reflects work in the southern portion of the glaze ware area, where the Mera system works less well ... recognizes the cross-cutting nature of rim forms and painted designs in the Rio Grande Glaze Ware ...
Ceramic Glaze
... Glaze is a layer or coating of a vitreous substance which has been fused to a ceramic object through firing ... Glaze can serve to color, decorate, strengthen or waterproof an item ...