GJ or Gj may refer to:

  • Gj (letter), a Latin digraph
  • Generic Java, a programming language
  • Gharjamai, a live-in Son-in-Law
  • Gigajoule, a unit of energy
  • Eurofly's IATA code
  • Mexicargo's IATA code
  • GJ, a prefix for Gliese Catalogue of Nearby Stars star catalogue references
  • Good job (phrase)

Other articles related to "gj":

Chronicle Of The Expulsion Of The Greyfriars - Chapter 7 Concerning The Friary in Ålborg
... In 1530 there was a shameless heretic by the name of Axel Gjø, the bailiff of Ålborg Castle and son of Herr Mogens Gjø, the author of all this evil, like father, like son, who plagued the brothers in the Ålborg ... had brewed a great amount of beer and went to services in the church, he (Gjø) brought his servants and took all the new-brewed beer down into his (part of the) cellar ...
Selvi - Plot Summary - Ending
... GJ does illegal drug business in the name of Tamarai ... GJ intentionally neither make an attempt to bring her out nor accepts the crime ... Using this opportunity, GJ transfers all of Tamarai's properties in his name ...
List Of County Governors Of Sør-Trøndelag
1986 1993 Reidar Due 1922 – 1993 present Kåre Gjønnes 1942 – 1998 ... Roald Eriksen (acting for Gjønnes) 2000 ... Aage Rundberget (acting for Gjønnes) 1947 – ...
Liv Gjølstad
... Liv Gjølstad (born 9 January 1945) is a Norwegian judge ... She is married to bureaucrat Thorbjørn Gjølstad ...