• (noun): Person who makes a gift of property.
    Synonyms: donor, presenter
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Double Talk - Bonus Round
... The giver attempted to get the receiver to say nine common phrases within 60 seconds by asking questions whose response was the common phrase ... The giver viewed the entire common phrase on a monitor out of the receiver's line of sight, then provided an open-ended phrase with the desired response as a result ... for "George Carlin", the giver might say "He's a comedian who listed the seven words you can't say on television, and his name is...") ...
Million Dollar Password - Gameplay - Legal Clues
... Throughout the game, the giver must wait for a response before giving a new clue, and only one response may be given at a time ... (The guesser may suggest the giver pass, but only the clue giver may officially do so.) Antonyms are acceptable clues, but hyphenated clues and acronyms are not ...
Mystery Giver
... Mystery Giver (foaled April 29, 1998 in Illinois) is a retired American Thoroughbred racehorse best known for winning three consecutive editions of the Fair Grounds Handicap at the Fair Grounds Race Course in New ... trainer Richard Scherer, Mystery Giver set the track record at the Fair Grounds in the Mervin H ...
Messenger (novel)
... It forms the third installment of The Giver quartet begun by her 1993 Newbery Medal-winning novel The Giver ... This novel is speculated to take place about eight years after the events of The Giver, and about six years after the events of Gathering Blue ...
Taboo (game) - Rules
... Players take turns as the "giver," who attempts to prompt his or her teammates to guess as many keywords as possible in the allotted time ... Should the giver say one, a "censor" on the opposing team hits the buzzer and the giver must move on to the next word ... For example, the giver might have to get his or her team to deduce the word "baseball" without offering the words "sport," "game," "pastime," "hitter," "pitcher," or "baseball" itself ...

More definitions of "giver":

  • (noun): Someone who devotes himself completely.
    Example: "There are no greater givers than those who give themselves"

Famous quotes containing the word giver:

    A noble person confers no such gift as his whole confidence: none so exalts the giver and the receiver; it produces the truest gratitude. Perhaps it is only essential to friendship that some vital trust should have been reposed by the one in the other. I feel addressed and probed even to the remotest parts of my being when one nobly shows, even in trivial things, an implicit faith in me.... A threat or a curse may be forgotten, but this mild trust translates me.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)