Give Yourself Goosebumps - List of Give Yourself Goosebumps Books

List of Give Yourself Goosebumps Books

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
01 Escape from the Carnival of Horrors July 1995 135 ISBN 0-590-55323-2
The reader and two friends, Patty and Brad, wander into a haunted amusement park. There are two main storylines determined based on whether the reader chooses to go to the rides or the games. In addition to choices the reader can make about how the story unfolds, there are several games of chance that determine the reader's fate. "One Day at Horrorland" and "The Living Dummy" are mentioned, but not by name. "Monster Blood" also appears. Trivia: Tim Jacobus, illustrator of the original series, illustrated this cover. His signature is obscured on the front, but visible on the back.
02 Tick Tock, You're Dead! November 1995 135 ISBN 0-590-56645-8
The reader's uncooperative younger brother stumbles into a time travel experiment at a museum and you have two hours to bring him back before his time runs out and he ceases to exist. There are references to two other Goosebumps books: The Cuckoo Clock of Doom and A Night in Terror Tower." This book has been noted to be particularly challenging. Note: Mark Nagata illustrated this book through Lost in Stinkeye Swamp, number 24.
03 Trapped in Bat Wing Hall December 1995 137 ISBN 0-590-56646-6
The reader is the new kid in town and, as such, has no friends. The reader meets a young boy by the name of Nick who invites the reader to join the "Horror Club" that meets in Batwing Hall. The Reader then has to decide between going on a scavenger hunt around the house or searching for "the scariest item he/she can find."
04 The Deadly Experiments of Dr. Eeek February 1996 130 ISBN 0-590-67318-1
The reader's mom, who works at Eeek Labs, calls the reader and the reader's friend Sam on the phone and invites them to come wait for her and she promised to take both to the movies. Though the reader is warned not to cause trouble, the first choice in the book is whether or not to explore the lab. If the reader decides to explore the lab, the book continues on; if not, the book ends quickly with the reader going not to the movies, but home instead as it was "too late" to go. There is a question about "My Hairiest Adventure" in this book, which is somewhat ironic considering all the "dog-based" endings. Going through the Canine Maze could lead the reader to become a German Shepherd... Despite showing a chimp in a lab coat on the cover, this has very little to do with the main plot.
05 Night in Werewolf Woods April 1996 133 ISBN 0-590-67319-X
The reader prepares for a fun-filled vacation at WoodsWorld until rumors around the Kids Only Campfire reveal that the place is infested with werewolves. There are 23 possible endings to the story; three of which result in the entire thing having been a dream. Werewolves are not the only horrific element to the book, however, as some endings involve trolls and transformations into inanimate objects. This book is written in a different manner to the others. "The Werewolf of Fever Swamp" is mentioned in one choice.
06 Beware of the Purple Peanut Butter June 1996 135 ISBN 0-590-67320-3
The reader is spending the summer with cousins Barney and Dora. Barney is a bully and Dora is the typical annoying little cousin. In the basement of the house, there is a refrigerator that holds a jar of a purple substance that smells like peanut butter and a box of some chocolate cake; the story that develops depends on which the reader chooses to consume. "Monster Blood" is mentioned a few times.
07 Under the Magician's Spell July 1996 135 ISBN 0-590-67321-1
The reader, little sister Joanie, and best friend Sid go to the mall, but Joanie runs into a magic shop. She steals a magic book of magical spells while you are distracted. Later, you come to know that the shop owner is an evil magician who wants his book back or he will make Joanie disappear into thin air. "Bad Hare Day" is mentioned.
08 The Curse of the Creeping Coffin August 1996 132 ISBN 0-590-84765-1
The reader is staying at grandmother's house, located next to a cemetery. Ghosts start appearing around the house but grandmother isn't able to see them. The reader is given the choice to either find out more about the ghosts by following one of them or get away from grandmother's house by going home. "It came from Beneath the Sink" is mentioned.
09 The Knight in Screaming Armor September 1996 136 ISBN 0-590-84766-X
A suit of armor brought to the United States from England has a curse on it connected to the reader's family. Two crates are shipped with the suit of armor, one marked Good Knight and the other marked Evil Knight," and the reader must choose one to open. Endings include being age-reversed into an infant in a diaper, being turned into a flower, and being turned into a bird. This book is a rarity in the series because your character is actually given a last name; it is "Saxton." Your first name is still not revealed. The writing style in this book is similar to "Night in Werewolf Woods," which is different to the other Give Yourself Goosebumps books.
10 Diary of a Mad Mummy October 1996 136 ISBN 0-590-84767-8
The reader is exploring a skyscraper shaped like a pyramid and, examining an Egyptian mummy, finds a diary that seems to have been written by the corpse. In one choice in the book, the phrase Klaatu barada nikto is used, referencing the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still. There are also several illustrations in the book including a somewhat unconventional maze. Possible endings include finding the mummy's treasure, turning into dust, drinking a sleeping potion and being grounded for a month.
11 Deep in the Jungle of Doom November 1996 136 ISBN 0-590-84768-6
The reader is on a class trip out in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. The reader and friend Zoe abandon the group and encounter a strange stone beast that chases her and the reader through the jungle. The two major storylines of the book branch from the decision to either run into a clearing or towards a pool. There is a question about "The Cuckoo Clock of Doom" and "Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes."
12 Welcome to the Wicked Wax Museum December 1996 137 ISBN 0-590-84772-4
A history class is taking a trip to The Wicked Wax Museum the day before it opens. The reader and friends Jake and Liz misbehave and are told by Mr. Dunning, the teacher, that they are not allowed inside. Eventually, Jake decides to go inside and soon starts screaming, providing the reader with the first choice in the book: whether to go in after him or to go find help.
13 Scream of the Evil Genie January 1997 137 ISBN 0-590-84773-2
Coming home from school after a very tiring day, the reader takes a cola can out of the refrigerator. Once opened, instead of Cola, a genie named Jenna, dressed like a punk rocker, pops out. She grants the reader three wishes, so long as they're not violent, involve the death or injury of someone else, or are menial household tasks. However, the wishes should be spoken very precisely or else...
14 The Creepy Creations of Professor Shock February 1997 135 ISBN 0-590-84774-0
The reader takes a job cleaning the garage of an inventor. Being told to avoid a particular door in the garage, the reader enters it anyway. While the cover illustration depicts an evil robot, this is not a central element in the story.
15 Please Don't Feed the Vampire! March 1997 137 ISBN 0-590-93477-5
The reader starts out with a costume called "vampire in a can": a cheesy vampire costume stuffed inside a can. The reader then finds a strange packet of red goo inside that will turn anyone who swallows it into a vampire. The two main storylines deal with either the reader becoming a vampire or the reader's pet dog becoming one.
16 Secret Agent Grandma April 1997 131 ISBN 0-590-84775-9
The reader's grandma is waiting at the train station. When the reader arrives, however, there are two grandmas -- one on the platform and one on the train, claiming the one on the platform is a phony. The storyline the reader follows is determined based on the choice of which grandma to accept as the real one. If the reader chooses the grandma on the platform, he will find that she's a space alien. If the reader chooses the train grandma, he will discover that she's a secret agent out to destroy aliens.
17 Little Comic Shop of Horrors May 1997 137 ISBN 0-590-93483-X
The reader walks through a creepy part of town and stumbles upon a new comic shop called Milo's Comics Dungeon. The place is dusty, dingy, and really dark and Milo doesn't plan on ever letting the reader leave. Various endings include being trapped in a comic permanently, melting into nothing, or being stuck as a hundred-foot-tall green monster. "The Horror at Camp Jellyjam" is used in some of the choices. Many of the comics in this book seem to be parodies of real comics.
18 Attack of the Beastly Babysitter June 1997 136 ISBN 0-590-93485-6
The reader's mother has hired a babysitter named Zoe. Zoe has whiskers, claw-like fingernails, and a pointy nose. Zoe provides the reader with a spinner that offers the choice between fun or games and whatever it lands on determines which of the two main storylines the reader will follow. The spinner is reused for a couple of choices, and there are a few activities to do in the "Games" section with a tattooed man named Dare. "The Beast from the East" is mentioned. Endings include: Being buried alive by rats, getting shredded into a Kid Grater, Zoe turning you into a rat, getting stuck with Dare for another week, and finally getting home via a DiskGoTech.
19 Escape from Camp Run-For-Your-Life July 1997 137 ISBN 0-590-93489-9
The reader attends a summer sports camp that turns out to be run by alien invaders. There is also a mountain known as "Zombie Mountain" nearby, which is aptly named. One interesting choice-making method employed in the book is the requirement to point at a location on a map of the United States. There are more than twenty possible endings. Oddly, there are no tests based on the real Goosebumps series, despite the fact that there were a large amount of camp-based stories.
20 Toy Terror: Batteries Included August 1997 137 ISBN 0-590-93492-9
The reader wins a contest and is presented with the choice of two prizes: a tour of a toy factory or an Annihilator 3000 toy robot. If the reader chooses the tour, a Nasty Kathy doll attacks you. If the robot is chosen, it starts annihilating the reader's house.
21 The Twisted Tale of Tiki Island September 1997 137 ISBN 0-590-93500-3
There is a curse that is rumored to haunt Tiki Island. There are various endings, including transforming into an octopus. There is also a maze for the reader which will catch him/her out if s/he doesn't bother to do it.
22 Return to the Carnival of Horrors October 1997 137 ISBN 0-590-21062-9
The reader revisits the Carnival of Horrors from the first Give Yourself Goosebumps book. Cousin Floyd accompanies the reader on the journey, as does Patty, who appeared in part one. Some possible endings are being eaten by hot dogs, melting, being buried in letters, getting eaten by a T-rex, being attacked by a squid, going to space, escaping back in time, escaping with the ghosts, becoming a crane prize, becoming a robot, becoming a skeleton, and escaping with passes to the Carnival of Horrors. "Say Cheese and Die" is mentioned.
23 Zapped in Space November 1997 137 ISBN 0-590-39774-5
The reader visits Madame Zapp's new Virtual Reality Arcade. The two main storylines result from the decision to either play Arctic Adventure or Adrift off Vega. Arctic Adventure takes you to the Arctic while Adrift off Vega takes you to space where aliens attack you.
24 Lost in Stinkeye Swamp December 1997 134 ISBN 0-590-39775-3
The reader moves to a new house called Swamp House. It's ugly, run-down, and haunted by a ghost named Annabelle, but there's treasure hidden on the grounds. In the basement, the reader finds a magic telescope and Annabelle's two-hundred-year-old diary.
25 Shop Till You Drop...Dead! January 1998 133 ISBN 0-590-39776-1
Reggie Mayfield tells the reader that there are monsters in his dad's department store. The reader tries to prove that Reggie is lying by going to the department store at midnight and spending an hour there. This is the first book in the series to have a largely non-linear storyline. It also uses an item collection system. Although previous GYG books have contained at least one page that use an item check, it is the first time that one has been used as the main theme in the book's storyline. Note: Craig White illustrated this cover, and continued to do so throughout the series and its special editions.
26 Alone in Snakebite Canyon March 1998 137 ISBN 0-590-39997-7
The reader, two parents, and annoying older brother, Pete, go to Lonestar National Park. While camping in the desert, the reader finds a shop and can buy one of two valuable items: a pair of magic snake eyes that allow the wearer to transform into different animals or a map to an old, deadly gold mine. If the reader chooses the magic snake eyes, the reader may transform into any of several different animals including a bear, a fish, and a falcon, while the choice of the map results in the necessity to solve a riddle.
27 Checkout Time at the Dead-End Hotel April 1998 140 ISBN 0-590-39998-5
The reader and friends check into a run-down hotel on the side of an abandoned highway. The hotel turns out to be inhabited by ghosts and the only way out is to locate the only other human resident. A solution to Into the Jaws of Doom is included in the back of the book. There is only one storyline in this book.
28 Night of a Thousand Claws June 1998 137 ISBN 0-590-40034-7
The reader and family go on vacation to Cat Cay which is inhabited by strange cat-like creatures. There is some randomization and a puzzle included to further the plot along with the choices the reader makes.
29 Invaders from the Big Screen July 1998 137 ISBN 0-590-40289-7
The reader visits a theatre where the characters in the films come to life. The initial choice is between watching a King Kong-like monster film, a spy thriller, and a horror film. A puzzle involving musical notes is included in the book.
30 You're Plant Food! September 1998 136 ISBN 0-590-41974-9
The reader is on a school field trip to the E. Ville Creeper Botanical Gardens. In order to complete the book successfully, the reader must manage an inventory and determine the best order in which to carry out actions. One of the two main storylines is characterized by an early choice that determines whether or not the book can be completed successfully. "Secret Agent Grandma" is mentioned.
31 The Werewolf of Twisted Tree Lodge November 1998 137 ISBN 0-590-46306-3
The reader wins a contest by plagiarizing a horror story and the prize is admission to a horror convention featuring famous horror writers at a place called Twisted Tree Lodge. The story the reader plagiarized, however, starts coming true at the convention. Soon, everyone is turning into werewolves.
32 It's Only a Nightmare December 1998 137 ISBN 0-590-76785-2
The reader is staying at an inn that seems peculiar. Falling asleep, the reader has nightmares about such things as turning into a bat and other people becoming aliens. The reader must then find a way to escape the dreams.
33 It Came from the Internet! February 1999 135 ISBN 0-590-51665-5
The reader installs a web crawler onto a computer and it develops a virus that can come out of the computer and bite people. The reader may choose to seek help either from a strange computer-hacking teenager or from a doctor who makes strange suggestions. Unlike most of the Give Yourself Goosebumps books, this one has only one main storyline.
34 Elevator to Nowhere March 1999 136 ISBN 0-590-51670-1
The reader and classmate Jamie visit her uncle for ideas to complete a science project. Uncle Darius is an inventor and has recently invented a transvator which he claims can take him to other universes where everything is the same except for one deadly difference. After Uncle Darius enters the transvator, the Uncle Darius who returns is from a universe of head-hunters, therefore the reader must decide whether to attempt to capture head-hunter, Uncle Darius or to enter the transvator in order to find the Uncle Darius who belongs in the reader's universe.
35 Hocus-Pocus Horror April 1999 137 ISBN 0-590-51673-6
At a magic show, the reader sneaks backstage and find Mysterio the Magician's bag of tricks. Despite the label reading "DO NOT TOUCH!", the reader opens the bag. Inside is found a magic wand, disappearing powder, and reappearing spray. The reader's character is portrayed with more compassion than other GYG Books - his/her main goal in the storyline is to get a dog to a safe location.
36 Ship of Ghouls May 1999 137 ISBN 0-590-51723-6
The reader and a friend take a two-week cruise to Japan. A fellow passenger says that people are doing experiments on the boat that are causing passengers to turn into fish-like creatures and will blow up the ship. The reader has to choose between telling the captain about the bomb threat and jumping off in order to get away from the explosion.
37 Escape from Horror House July 1999 135 ISBN 0-590-51682-5
Despite the title, this book focuses on the reader getting rid of a ghost that has haunted a house, not trying to get out of a haunted house. In most of the endings, the reader is killed by the ghost. The book employed little of the type of humour characteristic of the series.
38 Into the Twister of Terror August 1999 133 ISBN 0-613-16957-3
There is a tornado and the reader doesn't get into the storm cellar quickly enough. The reader is swept into the twister and finds that it is sentient. There are also talking animals within the tornado.
39 Scary Birthday to You September 1999 140 ISBN 0-590-99390-9
The reader is thrown a horror-themed birthday party that is hosted by a strange entertainer. The reader must choose to either open gifts or eat cake. The gifts are violent motor-powered toys and the cake is filled with live creatures.
40 Zombie School November 1999 N/A ISBN 0-590-99397-6
The reader is transferred to a different school in Nevada where all of the kids are very quiet. Noticing that some students periodically enter a closet marked "Off Limits," the reader eventually follows one in to discover that the school consists of zombies in child suits who are plotting to overthrow the world. The reader tries to escape the school and notify the authorities, but the doors are locked and the zombies start to close in.
41 Danger Time January 2000 135 ISBN 0-613-21403-X
The reader enters a creepy-looking clock store and attempts to help Chronos, the store owner. The storyline focuses on time travel and attempting to return to the proper time. There are also the Time Police who attempt to track the reader down.
42 All-Day Nightmare February 2000 137 ISBN 0-439-13530-3
After having had horrific dreams, the reader wakes up to discover that the surroundings are not what would be expected. The reader has amnesia and is trapped in a creepy house. Depending on whether the reader chooses to sneak out the window or hide in the attic, the reader will face either aliens, werewolves, or secret agents.
Special Edition
01 Into the Jaws of Doom February 1998 N/A ISBN 0-590-39777-X
The reader is on a school trip to a museum. Lagging behind the others, the reader encounters a murderous sentient computer. Unlike most of the Give Yourself Goosebumps books, this book uses dice during several choices, and the end result explains whether the previous choice "worked" or not. The book is longer than the others, and is divided into sections at times.
02 Return to Terror Tower May 1998 136 ISBN 0-590-39999-3
Return to Terror Tower follows the events of A Night in Terror Tower with Sue and Eddie being the reader's friends now. They request the reader's help in reclaiming their rightful throne and overthrowing the evil king that is ruling their village while escaping the capture of the king's knights and being sent to the executioner. The book contains quite a few areas to explore through the use of a crossroad map.
03 Trapped in the Circus of Fear August 1998 131 ISBN 0-590-41920-X
The reader and friend Richie do a great performance at a circus camp. As a reward, they are allowed to participate in a real circus. At the beginning of the book, the reader must choose only three items out of a list to take to the circus.
04 One Night in Payne House October 1998 135 ISBN 0-590-43378-4
The reader and friend Trevor are big fans of a horror movie that takes place in Payne House. The two decide to spend a night there as a result of a dare. The horrific elements of the movie, however, turn out to be real. This is like the previous book, as it forces the reader to choose only three items before starting adventure, but it is also possible to collect more items in the house.
05 The Curse of the Cave Creatures January 1999 136 ISBN 0-590-18734-1
The reader goes exploring in a cave, finds an animal skull, and drops it. Suddenly, a Shaman appears and says that the reader has displeased the cave spirit. The reader is presented with the choice of either turning into a spellcaster or a hunter and then battling the corresponding creatures.
06 Revenge of the Body Squeezers June 1999 134 ISBN 0-590-51674-4
In this sequel to Invasion of the Body Squeezers, Jack, the protagonist of the first book, is the reader's friend. Returning from a trip, the reader finds out about Jack's experience fending off the alien invasion and soon learns that a second invasion is coming. At one point, the reader may choose to hammer a pick-axe into Leonard Nimoy's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in an attempt to save Los Angeles from the aliens.
07 Trick or...Trapped! October 1999 135 ISBN 0-590-99393-3
The reader is in a rich area of town, trick-or-treating. The reader's initial choice is to choose from entering one of five colored houses, all of which are in front of a mansion. If the reader survives his or her time in the chosen house he or she will sometimes be given the chance to choose a different house, but at other times, will have to continue to the mansion. There are items to collect in some of the houses, and missing some of them may lead to a bad ending. The reader's goal is to survive his or her time in the mansion, but it is impossible to do so without entering at least one house first.
08 Weekend at Poison Lake December 1999 135 ISBN 0-613-22590-2
This book has four almost fully distinct main storylines. Rather than providing the reader with a choice in order to determine which storyline is followed, this book requires the reader to pick a lucky number. The number is then employed at several points throughout the book, making the course of the story more random than voluntary.

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