Gilt may refer to:

  • Gilt (album), an album by Machines of Loving Grace
  • Gilt Groupe, a 'flash' sale website
  • Gilding, the application of a thin layer of precious metal
  • Gilt-edged securities, also known as "gilts", government bonds issued in the United Kingdom for HM Treasury by the UK Debt Management Office
  • A character in the book Going Postal by Terry Pratchett, called Reacher Gilt
  • A gilt is a young female pig.

Other articles related to "gilt":

Colonnade (Fabergé Egg) - Design
... Colonnade Egg is made of Bowenite, four-colour gold, silver-gilt, platinum, guilloché enamel and rose diamonds ... Four silver-gilt cherubs sit around the base of the egg, each representing Nicholas and Alexandra's four daughters Anastasia, Olga, Maria, and Tatiana ... Alexei is represented by a silver-gilt cupid, which surmounts the egg ...
Military Decorations Of Mexico - Pacific Service Medal
... silver rim inscribed Servicio en el Lejano Oriente enclosing yellow enamel ring surrounding gilt central medallion bearing Aztec "sun god" emitting rays with three 5-pointed stars ... Gilt FAEM pilot's wing with pointed, enameled shield is mounted just above the center medallion, partially obscuring the top of the medallion and with wings breaking the edge of the medal ... from a unique ribbon, half green (left) and half red with triangular white field inset at top gilt attachment bar at top reads Mexico ...
Gilt Bronzes From Cartoceto Di Pergola
... The Gilt Bronzes from Cartoceto di Pergola are the only surviving Roman gilt bronze equestrian group ...
Military Decorations Of Mexico - Medal of Technical Merit
... Description Gilt or silver 8-pointed star of multiple rays, bearing large red central medallion with a faceted gilt 5-pointed star, surrounded by a white band inscribed, Mérito Técni ... small replica of the Mexican eagle from a green and white ribbon according to class, with a gilt or silver bar at top inscribed, Mexico. 1st Class - gilt medal light green ribbon with medium-wide white edges 2nd Class - silver medal ribbon has five equal stripes, three white and two light green ...

Famous quotes containing the word gilt:

    In that November off Tehuantepec,
    The slopping of the sea grew still one night
    And in the morning summer hued the deck

    And made one think of rosy chocolate
    And gilt umbrellas.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    Edith: This complete loveliness will fade. And we shall forget what it was like.
    Edward: Edith, don’t.
    Edith: Oh, it’s bound to. Just a few years and the gilt wears off the gingerbread.
    Edward: Darling, answer me one thing truthfully. Have you ever seen gingerbread with gilt on it?
    Edith: [laughing] Fool!
    Edward: Then the whole argument is disposed of.
    Reginald Berkeley (1890 N1935)

    One touch of nature makes the whole world kin,
    That all, with one consent, praise new-born gauds.
    And give to dust that is a little gilt
    More laud than gilt o’er dusted;
    The present eye praises the present object.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)