Gigantic may refer to:

  • Gigantic (film), a 2009 comedy film
  • "Gigantic" (song), a song by the Pixies
  • Gigantic (magazine) an American literary magazine
  • Gigantic (TV series), a TV series on TeenNick
  • Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns), a 2002 documentary film
  • Gigantism, a condition characterized by excessive growth and height significantly above average
  • HMHS Britannic, a ship originally named "RMS Gigantic"

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Flesh For Lulu - Gigantic
... and Rocco formed a new band they called Gigantic, recruiting Dave Blair on bass and Al Fletcher on drums ... Since the breakup of Gigantic, Nick Marsh has released a solo album and performs with the bourbon-soaked gypsy bop and stroll band Urban Voodoo Machine ... In 2007, Gigantic's one and only album, Disenchanted, originally released in 1996 on Columbia Records, was repackaged and reissued on Corporate Risk as Gigantic under the Flesh for ...
Agni (disambiguation) - Popular Culture
... earlier plot, Castlevania Portrait of Ruin) that takes the form of a gigantic flame-engulfed demon used by Celia Fortner to fuse with Dario Bossi's soul to increase his pyrokinetic powers ... the head of a bull's skull, the skeletal torso of a broad-shouldered man, gigantic claw-tipped hands and a golden 'belt' with a purple crystal at its centre ... It uses pillars of flame and its gigantic claws to attack ...
List Of Greek Mythological Creatures - Mythical Animals
... and Xanthus, the immortal horses of Achilles Calydonian Boar, a gigantic boar sent by Artemis to ravage Calydon and slain in the Calydonian Boar Hunt Ceryneian Hind, an enormous ...
Gigantic Music
... Gigantic Music is an independent record label, founded by Brian Devine in 2000 ... Gigantic Music is based out of New York City ... Moving beyond the somewhat flimsy "indie rock" categorization, Gigantic Music focuses on the promotion of innovative and talented musicians, regardless of whether or not they "fi ...

Famous quotes containing the word gigantic:

    It is the Late city that first defies the land, contradicts Nature in the lines of its silhouette, denies all Nature. It wants to be something different from and higher than Nature. These high-pitched gables, these Baroque cupolas, spires, and pinnacles, neither are, nor desire to be, related with anything in Nature. And then begins the gigantic megalopolis, the city-as-world, which suffers nothing beside itself and sets about annihilating the country picture.
    Oswald Spengler (1880–1936)

    There is no example in history of a revolutionary movement involving such gigantic masses being so bloodless.
    Leon Trotsky (1879–1940)

    The gigantic shadows which futurity casts upon the present.
    Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792–1822)