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Around 1885 he married Mary Monteith Smith (1860-1946) and they had three children: Hilda Montieth Keller (1888-1978), George Monteith Keller, Sr. (1895-1986), and Walter Smith Keller, Sr. (1898-1981).

George Keller died in Hartford, Connecticut on July 7, 1935. His ashes and those of his wife are interred within the Memorial Arch.

  • Grace Episcopal Church Rectory, Windsor, Connecticut (c. 1865-70).

  • Temple Beth Israel Synagogue, Hartford, Connecticut (1876). Now Charter Oak Cultural Center.

  • G. Fox & Co. Department Store (far left), Hartford, Connecticut (1880, burned 1917).

  • Northam Memorial Chapel and Gallup Memorial Gateway, Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford, Connecticut (1882).

  • Norfolk Public Library, Norfolk, Connecticut (1888–89).

  • Union Station, Hartford, Connecticut (1889).

  • Ansonia Public Library, Ansonia, Connecticut (1891–92).

  • Granville Public Library, Granville, Massachusetts (1902).

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